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"Fun in the Sun" 8-bit Extraordinare by Darkmatt
Genre: NES-style Updated: 28 Jan 2018 Posted: 26 Dec 2011 ZC Version: ZC 2.50 Rating[?]: Rating: 3.56/5 (8 ratings) Information:
A plain, simple, and kinda difficult 9 level classic tileset quest!
"Fun in the Sun" II: Shadow of the First by Darkmatt
Genre: NES-style Updated: 08 Oct 2016 Posted: 20 Jun 2013 ZC Version: ZC 2.50 Rating[?]: Rating: 4/5 (6 ratings) Information:
The return of the revenge of the classic 9 level challenge quest! (Last updated 10/8/16.)
"Go Gollab: The Conflictions of Morality" by Jenny , Shane , Eddy , Avaro , Moosh , Joelmacool , coolgamer012345 , Deedee , Matthew , Ambient Silence
Genre: Other Updated: 31 Jul 2023 Posted: 30 Aug 2020 ZC Version: ZC 2.53 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.89/5 (17 ratings) Information:
Go Gollab: The Conflictions of Morality is a 9 person collaboration that was made for Shoshon the Elegant's 29 contest. Each person has crafted a unique world for you to explore, as one of nine characters. Unfold a minimalist, surreal humoured plot as you uncover creative items, puzzles and bosses along your way to rescue the trapped souls - i.e. us!
"One Screen Gollab" by Jenny , Shane , Eddy , Joelmacool , coolgamer012345 , Deedee , Matthew , Professor Bedwetter , Ambient Silence
Genre: Dungeon Romper Updated: 25 Jun 2023 Posted: 25 Jun 2023 ZC Version: ZC 2.55 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.75/5 (7 ratings) Information:
One Screen Gollab is the long awaited sequel to Go Gollab: The Conflictions of Morality! It is a large scale collab, much like the original; only this time it features 20+ contributors! This quest features a diverse and compact overworld with 10 dungeons to explore; all lovingly crafted one screen at a time! So get ready for a new Gollab adventure, and explore what this quest has to offer with your choice of one of eight characters! Download the music here!
"The Legend of Zelda: Link's Peril" by UnityAlex
Genre: Dungeon Romper Updated: 09 Oct 2015 Posted: 05 Oct 2015 ZC Version: ZC 2.50 Rating[?]: Rating: 2.25/5 (3 ratings) Information:
This quest is very old and I was very new to Zelda Classic when making it. I was too ambitious and the quest suffered as a result. Please don't use this to judge my abilities for future works. Thank you.
100 Rooms of Wisdom by Alucard648
Genre: Other Updated: 17 Jul 2021 Posted: 18 Jun 2021 ZC Version: ZC 2.53 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.33/5 (5 ratings) Information:
Puzzle themed quest. Inspired by various mobile apps, like "100 Doors" and such.
100 Rooms of Wisdom 2 by Alucard648 , SkyFlare
Genre: Scripted Updated: 14 Jul 2022 Posted: 30 May 2022 ZC Version: ZC 2.53 Rating[?]: Rating: 4/5 (1 rating) Information:
A puzzle compilation from various games found in Internet by Sky Flare.
100 Years Later by tlseward
Genre: NES-style Updated: 28 Oct 2006 Posted: 28 Oct 2006 ZC Version: ZC 2.10 Rating[?]: Rating: 2.81/5 (15 ratings) Information:
This quest is called 100yrs. Made with ZC 2.10.
I took a lot of care to make scenes vertical as well as horizontal. That is to say, that you climb up hill passages often. It makes for interesting play.
The hookshot is available earlier in the game, and is an important part of the quest.
If you enjoy classic zelda play, you'll enjoy this new quest in a ZQ pure tileset!

This is my first upload, but at least the 10th finished quest that I've done.
I'm sure you will like it. :-)

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1st Quest (german Translated) by Rastael
Genre: NES-style Updated: 11 Sep 2007 Posted: 11 Sep 2007 ZC Version: ZC 2.10 Rating[?]: Rating: 3.55/5 (21 ratings) Information:
This is the orginal Zeldaclassic Quest from Nintendo, but it is translated in German!
1st Quest Mirrored by connor.clark
Genre: NES-style Updated: 30 May 2022 Posted: 30 May 2022 ZC Version: ZC 2.50 Rating[?]: No rating Information:
The classic 1st quest, but mirrored!

1st Quest Redone by Eddy
Genre: NES-style Updated: 30 Nov 2014 Posted: 21 Apr 2011 ZC Version: ZC 2.50.0 Rating[?]: Rating: 3.88/5 (7 ratings) Information:
Update as of 30/11/14
This quest is now compatible with 2.50. This is a remake of the 1st quest using the Zero tileset and changing up things a little.
1st quest remake with BS prototype graphics by Valerie
Genre: NES-style Updated: 13 Dec 2020 Posted: 13 Dec 2020 ZC Version: ZC 2.50.2 Rating[?]: No rating Information:
Remake of the 1st quest with the BS Zelda prototype graphics from the gigaleak.
3 Isles by tlseward
Genre: Dungeon Romper Updated: 19 Nov 2007 Posted: 19 Nov 2007 ZC Version: ZC 2.10 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.17/5 (11 ratings) Information:
Game Info: This quest is a continuation of the other ones I've been doing, it is closer to Hyrule's Big Swamp, and Hyrule's Big Flood in its graphics. I've learned a lot about layering, and it shows here.
There are some new ideas incorporated into the quest, and frankly, I'm a bit proud of the result.
We played it through, and have found no significant bugs. Visually, I think this is one of the best quests I've ever done. So if you've been a fan in the past, this will not disappoint!
4 Dungeons by lincolnpepper
Genre: Metroidvania Updated: 15 Jun 2017 Posted: 15 Jun 2017 ZC Version: ZC 2.50 Rating[?]: Rating: 3.4/5 (4 ratings) Information:
This is the finished quest of my project fun quest. it includes 4 dungeons. no overworld other than a small path to the 1st dungeon entrance, and no other side quests or plot or bullcrap, just 4 dungeons, the ending of one connecting directly to the entrance of the other. if you enjoy puzzles and linear quests, this will be perfect for you.
4 Temples by Kivitoe
Genre: Miniquest Updated: 07 Jul 2016 Posted: 05 Jul 2016 ZC Version: ZC 2.50 Rating[?]: Rating: 2.4/5 (4 ratings) Information:
4 Temples (4T) is an NES-style miniquest with 5 dungeons. (4 temples, a the game boss's lair).

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