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Adventure Tileset by Freedom
Updated: 12 Feb 2006 Posted: 12 Feb 2006 ZC Version: ZC 2.10 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.47/5 (35 ratings) Information:
This is the tileset I've been putting together for the last several months to use with my upcoming quest "The Adventures of Robinhood". Many of the tiles are from the Minish Cap.

The set started with Gashin's suntower set but due to palette restraints most of his tiles were removed, and only csets 7,8 and 10 remain unaltered, his Link tiles, sprites, and boomerang are still in there, as well as some enemies, so should you use these for other purposes please remember to give him credit.

Us [View Full Description]
BS Winter Set by Darth Cronic
Updated: 08 Feb 2003 Posted: 08 Feb 2003 ZC Version: ZC 1.90 Rating[?]: Rating: 3.31/5 (12 ratings) Information:
A winter themed version of the current BS tiles.

Works perfectly with existing BS tile, but requires you to import the slightly alterated pallete.
BS Zelda Tiles by VEL
Updated: 16 Nov 2002 Posted: 16 Nov 2002 ZC Version: ZC 1.92 B163 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.67/5 (11 ratings) Information:
Tiles from BS Zelda, plus extra custom tiles.
Cambria Tileset by Matthew
Updated: 01 Jul 2022 Posted: 01 Jul 2022 ZC Version: ZC 2.53 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.85/5 (12 ratings) Information:
Nearly a year in the making, the Cambria tileset is a near total rework of the default Classic tileset. Cambria boasts a comprehensive collection of high-quality, community-made, terrain, item, decorative, and interior tiles that gracefully capture the Classic aesthetic. Cambria is meant to be feature-complete, and so comes, by default, with a set of custom midis to be used for a variety of in-game areas. Credit to Vlamart for that!
Chain of Destiny Tileset by Teilyr
Updated: 12 Feb 2006 Posted: 12 Feb 2006 ZC Version: ZC 1.92 B182 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.83/5 (28 ratings) Information:
Well, here it is. I promised to deliver, and after working on the 2.10 laziness bug, I finally decided to submit this after cleaning it up a little bit. Presumably everything from the demo is in here, so have at it.

For those that demand a more thorough description.. I believe that The base of this is Z's Pure update.. (the one that came before PTUX) As with everything that goes into my quest creating ventues, I heavily modified it for my own uses. Alot has been changed, but alot stays the [View Full Description]
Charles' Quest Tileset by Setzer
Updated: 10 Feb 2003 Posted: 10 Feb 2003 ZC Version: ZC 1.92 B163 Rating[?]: Rating: 3.87/5 (14 ratings) Information:
Tileset with almost completely custom tiles. Has a large variety of scenery, both exterior and interior. Plenty of custom drawn sprites, too.
Classic Framework (featuring 1.90 palettes by Nightmare
Updated: 01 May 2017 Posted: 01 May 2017 ZC Version: ZC 2.50.2 Rating[?]: Rating: 3.67/5 (2 ratings) Information:
Rebuilt classic framework. Includes a lot of classic palettes, including 1.90 palettes
Classic Tileset: Corrected Palette by The Satellite
Updated: 02 Nov 2007 Posted: 06 Feb 2007 ZC Version: ZC 1.90 Rating[?]: Rating: 3.7/5 (29 ratings) Information:
On all versions of Zelda Classic 2.10 and below, the Classic Tileset is screwed. I took it into my own hands to use the 2.11 betas as a base and recolor the Classic Set, since the betas feature the correct palette. In other words, I recolored it so you don't have to.

Package includes the Palette file and the Graphics Pack file, as well as the original First Quest with the palette applied to it.

EDIT: People are commenting that there are no new tiles in this set. The point of this set is a [View Full Description]
Classic XD by Avaro
Updated: 05 Nov 2017 Posted: 05 Nov 2017 ZC Version: ZC 2.50 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.75/5 (7 ratings) Information:
This is the 2.5 classic tileset but with more palettes and some new tiles.
Comprehensive Game Boy Zelda Tileset by Glenn the Great
Updated: 22 Mar 2017 Posted: 09 Oct 2002 ZC Version: ZC 1.92 B163 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.11/5 (18 ratings) Information:
Comprehensive Game Boy Zelda Tileset Version 1 Readme by Glenn the Great
Dance of Remembrance Tileset by Radien
Updated: 02 Feb 2006 Posted: 02 Feb 2006 ZC Version: ZC 1.92 B182 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.71/5 (61 ratings) Information:
Well, after several months of hard work and delays, it's finally here: the DoR tileset. This tileset is recommended for ZC experts, but still *partially* accessible to ZC newbies. This is the exact opposite of my New BS tileset, which is supposed to be geared towards newbies but usable for experts. Do not come complaining if you find DoR a little bit more challenging to use, since I've made two tilesets for the exact purpose of accomodating people of all skill levels.

DoR's visuals are a [View Full Description]
Dance of Remembrance Tileset Update v1.9 and 2.0 by Radien
Updated: 12 Mar 2008 Posted: 12 Mar 2008 ZC Version: ZC 1.92 B182 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.91/5 (43 ratings) Information:
Here it is: two years later, the DoR tileset finally gets an update and with it a fresh new look.

For those of you who don't know much about it, DoR is a compilation tileset that is based on the custom tileset used for my quest, Dance of Remembrance. Though it is a compilation tileset, most of the tiles have been adapted or improved in some way, specifically for use in this tileset and its palettes. The palettes and CSets are designed with compatibility in mind, and there are a lot of them [View Full Description]
Dance of Remembrance: Hybrid Tileset by Demonlink
Updated: 22 Jan 2016 Posted: 13 Jun 2014 ZC Version: ZC 2.50 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.8/5 (19 ratings) Information:
The Dance of Remembrance originally by Radien reorganized to be compatible with ZC 2.50.x! :D
Days of Eternity Incomplete Tileset 1.1 by Kite
Updated: 17 Nov 2002 Posted: 17 Nov 2002 ZC Version: ZC 1.92 B163 Rating[?]: Rating: 3.8/5 (4 ratings) Information:
Basically... this is a vamped up version of an older release of Orion's tileset. This is mainly for ripping purposes, since the tileset is far too unorganized to actually work with. It's got plenty of tiles available you won't find anywhere else though including animating crystal balls, shifting sand, and a variety of other tiles.

Anyway... try not to steal anything from the sample screens (they are in my quest).

Note: This is from before I redid the tileset.
Demo Quest Tileset by Phantom Menace
Updated: 23 Mar 2017 Posted: 08 Feb 2003 ZC Version: ZC 1.90 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.3/5 (9 ratings) Information:
This is the tileset seen in the demo.qst, which is included in Zelda Classic 1.90's release.

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