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About Zelda Classic
Zelda Classic is an homage to the original Nintendo Entertainment System game The Legend of Zelda. Originally it began as just a replica, but later, an editor called ZQuest was added. People began to make their own quests with their own graphics, sounds, and stories. Today there are versions for multiple computer platforms and a much larger feature set allowing for the creation of extremely unique quests.

You can download Zelda Classic at its official website.

Zelda Classic was originally created by Phantom Menace at Armageddon Games.
About PureZC
PureZC is a Zelda Classic fan site that is dedicated to hosting Zelda Classic resources and quests. It is also a place for quest creators to get feedback and help with their creations and quest players to easily find and receive assistance.

If you want to bring up anything related to the site to the attention of the staff, feel free to bring it up in the Staff Dropbox .


PureZC was originally started in May of 2002, when webmaster Wild Bill installed a phpBB2 simply to mess around. After messing with the phpBB2, it was skinned green and called PureZC. The goal and approach of PureZC was to be a place to get strictly creations of high quality.

As time went on, PureZC evolved as Wild Bill learned new techniques to maintaining the site. The design of the site was completely overhauled, and was recoded from scratch. After the recoding of the site, Matt Lee suggested using MySQL to run the site dynamically. During the early history of PureZC, the downloads were manually coded into the page, which made it a hassle to maintain. After Wild Bill learned MySQL with the help of Matt Lee, PureZC began to develop quickly. Staff was added to the site, users were allowed to submit their quests and tiles, and the whole approach of PureZC evolved into what it is today.

In 2012, Wild Bill gave LinktheMaster and Nick webmaster access to the site since he was no longer able to dedicate the time needed to update PureZC. After a significant amount of work, LinktheMaster completed coding a new PureZC website update in April 2013 with many new features to accommodate content creators and a fresh look.

Staff Mission Statement

We are the PureZC Staff. Our role is to benefit Zelda Classic and its users by fostering a community where the virtues of patience, understanding, and respect are applied with balanced means. We will uphold ourselves to the rules and will expect others to do the same, with the primary intention of maintaining a friendly, relaxed, and welcoming community, and will modify them when we feel such rules noticeably conflict with this intention. We will take conflict not as a divisive force but rather an opportunity to consolidate differences and thus bring our members closer together. Likewise, we will actively participate in the forum alongside our other members so that we can better understand their needs, exercising our staff privileges to interject only when necessary. As staff, we will support each other, communicate regularly, try not to distance ourselves from the rest of the team, and intend to maintain a positive relationship with each other. We desire to keep a level head even in the most dire and discouraging circumstances. Our roles here are vital to the healthy longevity of both PureZC and Zelda Classic.