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2.55 Official Release + February Monthly Feature

Posted by Russ , 25 Feb 2024
Big news for both PureZC and ZC in general! After quite a long time in development, 2.55 has officially been released! You can download it from the new ZC Official Website here. For those who haven't played around with the alphas and need a quick recap of what's new, the devs have graciously provided a basic overview of new features here. Additionally, the official 2.55 Quest Contest is now underway, so head here to download the entries and vote for your favorite!

The development of 2.55 has been a massive undertaking over a decade in the making, and has seen the loss of a lead dev, the upgrading of the engine to Allegro 5, a massive rewrite of the GUI, and a plethora of features previously considered impossible. We'd like to extend our appreciation to the current dev team: Emily, Connor, Deedee, and Moosh. All four of them - and Emily and Connor especially - have been instrumental in making this happen. Give them all a (virtual) round of applause!

This year also marks the 25th anniversary of ZC. We've come a whole long way since that initial 1.0 release, and it's been incredible watching a lot of that history unfold. Here's to another 25 years!

Now to segue, we're going to being using the site news to post a Monthly Feature newsletter, recapping the new quests and events of the past month. This will usually be posted on the first of each month, but given the magnitude of this announcement, we didn't want to quickly bury it, so we'll posting the first monthly feature a little early. So with that said, Site News is out… Monthly Feature is here!

So… February, any new quests? …Yes! But, since we missed January, we’ll also give the featured quest from that month here.

First, up we have Dreams Realm, by Sans and The Rock.

Posted Image

So, this quest came out in December… but we’ll ignore that for a second, since this quest is quite grand! So far, it’s gotten four reviews, with all of them being pretty positive! Maybe you’d enjoy it too, so give it a try…

Next up, the January feature - Link’s Adventure in the Future!

Posted Image

Made by IceDancer, get ready to be tested and challenged by the might of Ganon! With eight Triforce dungeons and an abundance of things to collect, there’s a lot to do - there are no reviews or ratings as of yet, so give it a try and leave a review!

Finally, catching up to February, we have The Enigma of Basilischi Island!

Posted Image

Originally created for the alsoLIONS 1 Week and 1 Day contest, Taco Chopper and Rambly have cooked up a unique quest! Exploration is key for this adventure, so don’t be afraid to test the limits of the island - go give it a try!

Do note these were not the only quests released in these months, so check out the Quests page to see them all for yourself!

In other news, the Quest Club continues to chug along - the current quest to play and discuss is The Bounds of Waterford, so go and play it now! You can find the current discussion thread here.

For contest winners, big congratulations to the following members for beating their contestants in the following events:

- Twilight Knight, victor of Screenshot of the Week 807
- Joelmacool, victor of Screenshot of the Month 199
- Sheik, victor of Screenshot of the Year 2023
- Twilight Knight (again), victor of Map of the Month 148

Map of the Month has recently returned as a regular feature, and after some hiatuses, Enemy of the Month and Screen Rebirth have both resumed with a regular schedule, so be sure to check them out!

That’s a wrap for this installment of the Monthly Feature! Next month we’ll have some more stuff to showcase, and so if *you* want to be featured… don’t be afraid to submit to the database!

Site News - August 2023

Posted by Russ , 18 Aug 2023
The Site News is Back!

We're thrilled to announce the return of The Site News! This initiative aims to better connect and promote our community. Aligned with the Community Roadmap unveiled last month, we've begun progress towards a range of changes and additions that will shape our community going forward. Want to stay informed about the latest developments and upcoming changes on the horizon? This is what the Site News will be for! Now join us as we dive into some of the early roadmap and much more. With a lot to cover, let's jump right in!


Let's start off by promoting the highlight of the season -- The Official Two-Week Summer Contest! Started August 13th and ending August 27th, you will get to showcase your fast quest-making skills. Interested in joining? There's still time! Check out the announcement thread for all the rules and details. Best of luck to all participants, we look forward to seeing your entries!

Looking for a contest that's more simple but creatively challenging? Reimagine the world of screen design with the Screen Rebirth contest, brought to you by Mitchfork and Professor Bedwetter! Unleash your creativity and reshape screens in ways that add your own personal touch. Check out the screen for Screen Rebirth #6 and get creative! Stay up-to-date by following the schedule provided. Be sure to also check out Screenshot of the Week, now going back to its weekly schedule!

Your participation, whether submitting entries, discussing them or even voting is greatly appreciated and helps keep these contests running!


2023 has been a diverse year for quests, let's celebrate by featuring some of them!
  • Twin Traditions by Bagel Meister: Designed originally around a contest regarding the number two, play as twins on a chain of islands who seek to uphold an old island tradition!
  • Mitches Fault II by Taco Chopper and Sheik: A collaborative quest made for Naldrag's 27 Hour Quest Contest. Following up one of the greatest quests of all time, this sequel delivers a short but fun GB Zelda experience.
  • One Screen Gollab by Ambient Silence: An ambitious quest with over 20 contributors! This quest features a sizable playable cast and a densely packed world, all meticulously brought to life one screen at a time!
Our aim going forward is also to consistently cover recently released quests and valuable resources, all while keeping you updated on exciting new projects in the pipeline.


Rest assured, there's much more in store for the future. Stay tuned for updates on The Quest Club, upcoming changes to the Discord server, and a lineup of exciting ZC events -- all to be revealed here in due course. This concludes our current update. Thank you for your time, and we look forward to connecting with you again next month!

Welcome to PureZC!

Posted by Aevin , 12 Jul 2018
Welcome to PureZC!

PureZC is a community dedicated to the game-making program Zelda Classic. We have a comprehensive database of quests and resources made for the program, a discussion forum, and a Discord chat server. To get started with Zelda Classic, you can download the program from the official site.
Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image

If you're new to PureZC, you might be wondering just where to begin. For starters, you can register an account and introduce yourself on the forums. Be sure to check out the community's rules before posting.

You can talk about Zelda Classic in general here, and if you're interested in making games, you can learn more about how to use the quest editor through the tutorials, ZQuest Editor Help, Scripting Discussion, and other forums dedicated to the program. Or, if you're looking more to relax and socialize, perhaps you'll find the General forum more to your liking. Our Discord server is also a great place to chat, so check it out, too!

Check here for contests such as the popular Screenshot of the Week, and be sure to check the Announcements forum for special events and important notices affecting the community.
Posted ImagePosted Image

If you're looking to play some quests, look not farther than the quest database! Here's some iconic quests from ZC's history, as voted on by the community. These represent a nice sampling of different game genres, and include both classics from the past and modern favorites. But the database has a whole lot more variety, so be sure to check it out for other great quests.

Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image

For scripting resources, try starting with the popular custom enemy header, ghost.zh; the ffcscript.zh header which offers some quality of life improvements for running scripts; and scripts for things like freeform shutters or custom npc's.
I also recommend checking out other sections of the database for tilesets, loose tiles, music, and more!

Questions? Please contact any member of the staff, or post in the Staff Dropbox.

Once again, welcome to PureZC! We hope you enjoy your time here.

Site News - January 2018

Posted by Aevin , 06 Jan 2018
(Special thanks to Dimentio for writing this update. The format of the Site News may change, but in the mean time enjoy a throwback to our old format!)

Welcome once again to Monthly Review, the PureZC monthly news corner for January 2017! Er, wait, are we not doing that anymore? Wait, it's no longer 2017!? Why hasn't anyone told me? Where did 2017 go!? Quick, we must find out where it went and follow it!

In the meantime, welcome to this month's Monthly Review for January 2018! We here at PureZC hope you had a good holiday season and a fantastic New Years! Of course, just because it's the holidays doesn't mean activity has stopped, so let's get right into this month's news!

Community Spotlight
  • Nominations for the 2017 Superlatives awards are open! Head over here to learn more about the Superlatives and how to nominate your favorites!
  • Enemy of the Month has had a good run, but now it's time to say goodbye, cause your Enemy of the Month is evolving! Enemy of the Month will be replaced with the new ZC Creator Showcase, a new event similar to the expo, but more smaller scaled and frequent! With the end of Enemy of the Month also comes the final contests of it. Be sure to vote in the finals for Enemy of the Year 2014, 2015, and 2016, and well as perhaps submit to the very final Enemy of the Month, EotM 28: Final Boss theme!
  • Zelda Classic Version 2.53 Beta 11 is out! Fixing a few evil bugs introduced in Beta 10, this Beta is the latest stable version of the 2.53.0 line! If you want to support ZC development, go get it and help test it out!
  • A new challenger approaches! With ZC's move to open source, the devs are looking for new, non-copyright infringing assets. The Official ZC Open Assets Contest is a multi-stage contest to obtain said delicious assets, and that means we need any spriters and composers who are willing to enter, to enter! The prize for winning means your asset will be forever carved into Official ZC! (We hear they also have cookies. We aren't so sure about that one though...)
Hot Projects
  • Vintage Dreams Tileset by Shane and Lunaria: A new WIP tileset dedicated to faithfully recreating the Gameboy Zeldas in a more faithful and organized fashion than EZGBZ. Not only that, but the tileset will come packed with many scripts implemented to recreate the gameboy feel, such as Seed Shooters, Shovels, and more!
  • The Legend of Zelda: Titans Gate by Gege is an ambitious project revolving around Link's quest to defeat Ganon and save Zelda. With numerous scripted features such as a day/night system, custom Ocarina of Time styled subscreen, and more, it's sure to be entertaining!
  • Regalia's Legacy by Matthew is an EZGBZ project, featuring diverse settings, plentiful dungeons, and a expansive backstory. It's also one of the most beautiful projects made with EZGBZ, so check it out!
Random Quest Spotlight
Superpatch13's Throwback is an unconventional remake of the very first Zelda quest. Featuring no scripts besides a single bug fix script, and built in the Pure tileset, this quest is very unique despite being a Z1 remake. Having things such as Twinrova's third sister Beth, a fight against Bubbleman, and perhaps a greater foe beyond Ganon, this remake really is refreshing in it's abnormalty. While most of the overworld is blocked off until you progress further, it's still a blast to explore, and we really recommend you give it a try!

Current and Upcoming Contests With all that out of the way, we here at PureZC wish you a fantastic Winter as we rush forward into this glorious new year of 2018! See you next month!

Site News - June 2017

Posted by Aevin , 13 Jun 2017
Welcome to the site news update for June! It's been awhile since the last update, and since then we've received 3 new quests! But before we get to that, here's some quick information about some happenings around the site.

The staff have added a bit to the Site and Forum Rules regarding spam. It deals with "grave-digging" by posting in very old topics. While we haven't had a hard rule on this for quite awhile, we still expect any posts reviving very old threads to have a purpose, otherwise the thread may be locked. You can read about the rule change in more detail and raise any questions or concerns you have here.

After a lot of consideration, we have decided to discontinue the Screenshot: Challenge Accepted contest, due to dwindling community interest and the retirement of its host. But why not go out with a bang? The final contest is open to entries until Friday, June 16th. As of this writing, you still have time to enter. Let's make this final challenge a success, and send the contest off in a blaze of glory!

Now for those quests! First, we have Triple Tri by Lulamoon31, a classic-styled quest with an emphasis on searching out overworld secrets and collecting hidden keys. Next up is strike's Faster, a quest with challenging combat, sharply focused around speed runs - get the fastest time, and you could be added to the in-quest Hall of Fame! Finally, there's Bits and Bites by the newcomer I am a guy. Why not check out this new member's first quest effort and send some tips and encouragement his way?

That's all for this month. Thanks for reading!