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How do I contact the staff if there is an issue?
If you have a question or see a problem that you want to address, there are several ways to contact the staff.

If you see a problem with a specific post or submission (rule breaking, wrong info, unsure about something, etc.), click the report button and send a report. This gives us a direct link to the problem area and instantly notifies us that there is something that needs to be addressed. Don't be afraid to send reports if you are unsure.

If your problem or question doesn't have a specific target, you can post about it in the Staff Dropbox.

Where did my submission go after I made it?

aMost submissions will not immediately appear on the site. This is because they have to be approved by a staff member. Just be patient and wait. It should be approved if it follows the submission rules.

If your submission hasn't appeared on the site within 2 or 3 days and you haven't received any sort of notification from the staff, feel free to send us a message in the Staff Dropbox forum since there is a chance we have overlooked it.

Why are my ratings not an average?

PureZC's ratings are based on the Bayesian average, meaning the average rating is adjusted for the number of votes cast. This prevents new submissions from receiving very high or very low ratings based on just one or two votes.

Mathematically, the rating is what the mean score would become if a member rates it a 3. For content with lots of votes, the score will be close to the mean; for content with only a few votes, the score will be biased toward 3. We believe this is a fairer approach that benefits submitters and reviewers alike.

The following is an example for a submission that has 4 five-star ratings.

Old Method (Basic Average): (5+5+5+5)/4 = 5
New Method (Bayesian Average): (5+5+5+5+3)/5 = 4.5

What are quest genres?

Quest genres are categories of quests that are intended to help describe the gameplay and design of a quest. The following are the list of quest genres:
  • NES-style: Adheres closely to The Legend of Zelda rules with an emphasis on secret finding and exploration. Usually has a non-linear dungeon progression. - (Example quests: Antiquity, The Legend of Zelda: Master Quest)
  • Dungeon Romper: Generally involves going through 6 or 8 dungeons each with a single dungeon item needed to progress to the next one. Usually light on story. - (Example quests: Link's Birthday DX, Zelda's Butt, The Revenge 2nd Quest)
  • Story-driven: Usually has an intricate plot that's central to the quest. The story of the quest is typically told in-game through the heavy use of cutscenes. - (Example quests: Hero of Dreams, Sabotage Dragoon)
  • Miniquest: Usually only has 3 or 4 dungeons and a simple overworld and can be beaten in a matter of a few hours. Is often, but not always, driven by humor. - (Example quests: Ibuprofen, Depressive Donuts: I Hate Mayonnaise 2, I Am Bored)
  • Metroidvania: Contains a single overworld and no dungeons or a massive dungeon that you collect items in and gradually work your way through to make it to the end of the game. The gameplay is usually non-linear and exploration based and inspired by later Castlevania games or the Metroid series. - (Example quests: Labyrinth of Dinus, Metroid XL-75 Remake)
  • Scripted: Radically alters the gameplay of the engine by heavily using scripts. Quests in this genre may not even resemble the original Zelda! - (Example quests: Island Adventure, The World Tree)
  • Other: It's a secret to everybody. The gameplay is entirely different and doesn't revolve around scripting.
How do featured quests work?

People have the ability to feature both quests in the quest database or quest projecting listing. When a quest/quest project is featured, it is added into a list. Every Sunday at midnight, the site features a new quest either randomly or from that list. These featured quests are listed on the main site and are in the featured quest list. You can feature any quest, even ones that you make.