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Comprehensive ZQuest 2.50 Tutorial Comprehensive Tutorial ZC 2.50
This is a tutorial for both newbies and oldbies alike that covers the ZQuest interface and the creation of a basic quest in ZQuest 2.50. It will eventually have intermediate and advanced sections as well.
Alphadawg's ZQuest 1.90 Tutorial Comprehensive Tutorial ZC 1.90
Alphadawg is the one that started it all with comprehensive tutorials for ZQuest. Even though a lot of it is outdated now (it was originally for 1.84 and updated to 1.90), this tutorial still has uses.

Note: A lot of the contributions and downloads are broken in this copy, though the basic material is still there. If anyone has a better copy, send a message to the PureZC staff.
ZQuest Guide / Tutorial (Video) Comprehensive Tutorial ZC 2.10
This is Teamudf's ZQuest 2.10 video guide series.
Over-Under Bridges ZC 2.10
This is an example quest made by Teilyr to showcase how to make over-under bridges. 3 examples are shown in the quest.

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