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Alphadawg's ZQuest 1.90 Tutorial Comprehensive Tutorial ZC 1.90
Alphadawg is the one that started it all with comprehensive tutorials for ZQuest. Even though a lot of it is outdated now (it was originally for 1.84 and updated to 1.90), this tutorial still has uses.

Note: A lot of the contributions and downloads are broken in this copy, though the basic material is still there. If anyone has a better copy, send a message to the PureZC staff.
ZQuest Guide / Tutorial (Video) Comprehensive Tutorial ZC 2.10
This is Teamudf's ZQuest 2.10 video guide series.
Over-Under Bridges ZC 2.10
This is an example quest made by Teilyr to showcase how to make over-under bridges. 3 examples are shown in the quest.
Comprehensive ZQuest 2.50 Tutorial Comprehensive Tutorial ZC 2.50
This is a tutorial for both newbies and oldbies alike that covers the ZQuest interface and the creation of a basic quest in ZQuest 2.50. It will eventually have intermediate and advanced sections as well.

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