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Welcome to PureZC, one of the most popular Zelda Classic resources on the web. Zelda Classic is a Zelda fan game creator made by Armageddon Games. At this site, you will find quests, graphics, music, and scripts created by Zelda Classic fans, forums for discussion and help, as well as the hosting of Zelda Classic quest projects. To get started, just choose what you would like to do from the hover menus below the banner. And don't forget to register so that you can share your work with the Zelda Classic community, as registration is absolutely free!

Interested in Zelda Classic? Go to the Zelda Classic Home Page to download it now!
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Welcome to PureZC!
Posted by Aevin , 12 Jul 2018
Welcome to PureZC!

PureZC is a community dedicated to the game-making program Zelda Classic. We have a comprehensive database of quests and resources made for the program, a discussion forum, and a Discord chat server. To get started with Zelda Classic, you can download the program from the official site.
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If you're new to PureZC, you might be wondering just where to begin. For starters, you can register an account and introduce yourself on the forums. Be sure to check out the community's rules before posting.

You can talk about Zelda Classic in general here, and if you're interested in making games, you can learn more about how to use the quest editor through the tutorials, ZQuest Editor Help, Scripting Discussion, and other forums dedicated to the program. Or, if you're looking more to relax and socialize, perhaps you'll find the General forum more to your liking. Our Discord server is also a great place to chat, so check it out, too!

Check here for contests such as the popular Screenshot of the Week, and be sure to check the Announcements forum for special events and important notices affecting the community.
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If you're looking to play some quests, look not farther than the quest database! Here's some iconic quests from ZC's history, as voted on by the community. These represent a nice sampling of different game genres, and include both classics from the past and modern favorites. But the database has a whole lot more variety, so be sure to check it out for other great quests.

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For scripting resources, try starting with the popular custom enemy header, ghost.zh; the ffcscript.zh header which offers some quality of life improvements for running scripts; and scripts for things like freeform shutters or custom npc's.
I also recommend checking out other sections of the database for tilesets, loose tiles, music, and more!

Questions? Please contact any member of the staff, or post in the Staff Dropbox.

Once again, welcome to PureZC! We hope you enjoy your time here.
Database Submissions
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Earthquake Enemy
By Bagu , Feb 19
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By Feenicks , Feb 15
Update: OverHead
By TheRock , Feb 13
Fate of an honest Man
By Bagu , Feb 09
SystemFailure (Tronic C...
By Bagu , Feb 09
GB-Like Classic Mountai...
By Joelmacool , Feb 08
Classic-Like Mountains
By coolgamer012345 , Feb 08
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Vintage Dreams Tileset
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A Fairytale Princess
has new screenshots, Jan 16
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