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Welcome to PureZC, one of the most popular Zelda Classic resources on the web. Zelda Classic is a Zelda fan game creator made by Armageddon Games. At this site, you will find quests, graphics, music, and scripts created by Zelda Classic fans, forums for discussion and help, as well as the hosting of Zelda Classic quest projects. To get started, just choose what you would like to do from the hover menus below the banner. And don't forget to register so that you can share your work with the Zelda Classic community, as registration is absolutely free!

Interested in Zelda Classic? Go to the Zelda Classic Home Page to download it now!
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Site News - June 2017
Posted by Aevin , 13 Jun 2017
Welcome to the site news update for June! It's been awhile since the last update, and since then we've received 3 new quests! But before we get to that, here's some quick information about some happenings around the site.

The staff have added a bit to the Site and Forum Rules regarding spam. It deals with "grave-digging" by posting in very old topics. While we haven't had a hard rule on this for quite awhile, we still expect any posts reviving very old threads to have a purpose, otherwise the thread may be locked. You can read about the rule change in more detail and raise any questions or concerns you have here.

After a lot of consideration, we have decided to discontinue the Screenshot: Challenge Accepted contest, due to dwindling community interest and the retirement of its host. But why not go out with a bang? The final contest is open to entries until Friday, June 16th. As of this writing, you still have time to enter. Let's make this final challenge a success, and send the contest off in a blaze of glory!

Now for those quests! First, we have Triple Tri by Lulamoon31, a classic-styled quest with an emphasis on searching out overworld secrets and collecting hidden keys. Next up is strike's Faster, a quest with challenging combat, sharply focused around speed runs - get the fastest time, and you could be added to the in-quest Hall of Fame! Finally, there's Bits and Bites by the newcomer I am a guy. Why not check out this new member's first quest effort and send some tips and encouragement his way?

That's all for this month. Thanks for reading!
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By Eddy finish AR3 , Nov 10
Simple Shop
By a30502355 , Nov 10
Play SFX at certain Frames
By a30502355 , Nov 10
Quest Project Feed
Zelda: Dawn of Seasons
has a new update, Nov 22
The legend of Zelda, Ti...
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was just opened, Nov 19
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Melody of the Demon King
has a new update, Nov 07
Starlights Year
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Starlights Year
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Starlights Year
was just opened, Nov 06
Zelda: Dawn of Seasons
has new screenshots, Nov 06
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