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Updated Tick Tock by Jamian
Genre: Scripted Updated: 01 Apr 2020 Posted: 25 Mar 2020 ZC Version: ZC 2.50.2 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.33/5 (2 ratings) Information:
The clock is ticking! Can you solve this quest before your time runs out? If you don't, you will be warped back to the beginning! But you will be wiser with newly acquired knowledge, and will steadily get closer to your goal!
Giggle: The Adventure by gigglebuns
Genre: NES-style Updated: 16 Mar 2020 Posted: 16 Mar 2020 ZC Version: ZC 2.50 Rating[?]: Rating: 1.75/5 (3 ratings) Information:
This is a basic NES-Style quest.
The music in the quest is all done by me
The tileset is the 'Enhanced Classic!' by Ventus
6th Quest Entry - Through the Inverse Glass by Mitsukara , Dimi
Genre: Scripted Updated: 14 Mar 2020 Posted: 14 Mar 2020 ZC Version: ZC 2.53 Rating[?]: No rating Information:
Imagine Zelda 1, but distorted through a mirror. Everything is familiar, yet slightly off. All the items are new, all the enemies behave a little differently. Play as Princess Zelda (or a huge list of alternate costumes) in this semi-nonlinear quest with many item puzzles and a mode menu which lets you change your music, graphics, and gameplay settings anywhere. (NOTE: Please use ZC version 2.53.1. Ideally, Beta 31 or above!)
Metroid 3 (ZC Remake) by ywkls
Genre: Metroidvania Updated: 09 Mar 2020 Posted: 09 Mar 2020 ZC Version: ZC 2.50.2 Rating[?]: N/A Information:
SNES Classic Re-imagined in ZC.
Includes all items, areas, enemies and bosses.
Updated Nyroxland by nyrox
Genre: NES-style Updated: 26 Mar 2020 Posted: 24 Feb 2020 ZC Version: ZC 2.53 Rating[?]: Rating: 3.33/5 (2 ratings) Information:
complete Quest
9 donjons Nes-Style
world open gradualy with the item
The Depths of Malice by Russ
Genre: NES-style Updated: 14 Mar 2020 Posted: 23 Jan 2020 ZC Version: ZC 2.53 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.73/5 (10 ratings) Information:
My entry for the 6th Quest Contest. A new take on the standard 8 triforce piece NES-style quest.
OverHead by TheRock
Genre: Other Updated: 18 Mar 2020 Posted: 14 Dec 2019 ZC Version: ZC 2.53 Rating[?]: Rating: 2.33/5 (2 ratings) Information:
OverHead is a challenge quest that has 10 different worlds. In each world there're 8 levels. Each level you goal is to get to the goal.
Quest now has no password.
A Link to the West by Flynn
Genre: NES-style Updated: 18 Nov 2019 Posted: 18 Nov 2019 ZC Version: ZC 2.55 Rating[?]: Rating: 4/5 (1 rating) Information:
The princess of Westrule is missing!
This is a fairly straightforward NES style quest with lots of secrets and combat.
Hyrule Fantasy GB by Yggrek
Genre: Other Updated: 17 Nov 2019 Posted: 17 Nov 2019 ZC Version: ZC 2.50 Rating[?]: Rating: 3.67/5 (2 ratings) Information:
Your classic TLOZ quest if it was played in 1999 on a handheld console.
Darkside 66 by Titanium Justice
Genre: Dungeon Romper Updated: 13 Nov 2019 Posted: 10 Nov 2019 ZC Version: ZC 2.53 Rating[?]: N/A Information:
This quest is a remake of an older quest I was working on years ago called The Underworld and was completed in a little over two months. The story has been completely changed to a more simplified one and large portions of the overworld and dungeons have been changed, but it still more or less embodies the same spirit of what I was trying to accomplish back then.
Link's Awful Adventure by IcyMind
Genre: Miniquest Updated: 21 Oct 2019 Posted: 21 Oct 2019 ZC Version: ZC 2.53 Rating[?]: N/A Information:
WARNING: Mild offensive content

A short joke quest made in about 24 hours for a friend. He hasn't played Zelda Classic since :>

Quest originally made in April 2018.
Triforce Knight by BigJoe , Joki , ZoriaRPG
Genre: Dungeon Romper Updated: 07 Nov 2019 Posted: 19 Oct 2019 ZC Version: ZC 2.53 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.4/5 (4 ratings) Information:
Imagine if you will, a quest about a day younger than publicly released ZQuest itself. Sitting on old servers, in a silent decay. Seven years ago I decided to dust it off and see if something could be made of it. What comes today is the result of it all.
Terror of Necromancy Mini by Deathrider365
Genre: Miniquest Updated: 08 Oct 2019 Posted: 08 Oct 2019 ZC Version: ZC 2.53 Rating[?]: Rating: 4/5 (5 ratings) Information:
The sole purpose of this quest was to get me into quest development but I made this with my eventual main quest in mind so nothing is random. I intend on this taking no more than maybe 2 hours since it is simply a small overworld and a dungeon. Scripting was minimal (more than expected to do) so there isn't anything super crazy here. I streamed a lot of the development of this quest on YouTube @Tytanium Joopy if you are interested in the development.
The Slipstream by RedTribeLink
Genre: Metroidvania Updated: 26 Aug 2019 Posted: 16 Aug 2019 ZC Version: ZC 2.50.2 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.82/5 (10 ratings) Information:

In the land of Glenridge, there lay a tear in space called the Slipstream. Whatever brave or foolish soul entered into it did not return. For years, it laid dormant, until it began unstable and monsters began to emerge from it. They began attacking villages and throwing individuals into the Slipstream's vortex. Join Hirota as he makes a one way trip into this phenomenon in order to save his best friend and grandmother.
Wizzrobe's Big Day Out by AaronJer
Genre: NES-style Updated: 28 Aug 2019 Posted: 29 Jul 2019 ZC Version: ZC 2.53 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.45/5 (10 ratings) Information:
Three Wizzrobes touch the Triforce and become usurpers to Link, Zelda and Ganon. Madness ensues.

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