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Legend of Link: The New Legacy

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Creator: Eddy Genre: Dungeon Romper Updated: 20 Oct 2021 ZC Version: 2.53 Downloads: 464 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.82/5 (16 ratings) Download Quest
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What started as a simple remake has evolved into something completely different, I present "Legend of Link: The New Legacy". I abandoned this project back in 2017 or so and then decided to revisit it last year May. About a year later, it's finally finished and I'm glad this is finally out.

Explore the land of Hyrule in a completely open ended world on the quest to save Zelda from Ganon. Almost everything has been revamped and redesigned entirely from the original quest. Along the way you'll find many smaller quests and cool activities to do while you go out on your adventure.

If, for whatever reason, you want to play the original quest for comparison, you can do so here.

I hope you enjoy the quest!

The small town of Nodnol Village hosts a rafting competition once every year. This is a very special occasion as this marks the 20th anniversary of the contest, so Zelda, the Princess of Hyrule, decides to visit the village to see this event for herself. Link, a young village boy, also happens to be participating this year. Things all go well until something bad happens when the competition is over, a certail evil has returned once again. Join Link as he goes to rescue Zelda in a very familiar, yet very different land of Hyrule.
Tips & Cheats
- In the quest download, there's a spoiler text file for all the Heart Pieces, Magic Containers and other collectables. Be sure to use it if you get stuck anywhere.
- This quest is completely open ended, meaning that you can do any dungeon in any order.
- Although depending on which dungeons you choose to enter first, this may affect the difficulty of others so keep that in mind. Dungeon difficulty is usually indicated by the colours of the statues at the entrance of every dungeon (Silver = Easy, Red = Hard), and these are determined when you enter your first few dungeons.
- If you are having trouble with a dungeon and feel underpowered, leave and come back later with better gear or try to go for the dungeon item and then leave. This is once again very dependent on the route you take.
- There is a short postgame after you beat the main quest.
- If you need any help, be sure to ask in the help thread on the forums. This quest is unpassworded though, so if you really want to you can look through the quest yourself for help, but be warned that you'll most likely get spoiled for stuff.
See the "Quest Credits" text file in the quest download for actual credits, there's quite a lot to list. If I missed anyone in there, please let me know.

I do want to thank the entirety of the Ambient Silence group for being very supportive and very helpful throughout the whole quest process. You guys are awesome!