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Adventure Tileset by Freedom
Updated: 12 Feb 2006 Posted: 12 Feb 2006 ZC Version: ZC 2.10 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.49/5 (34 ratings) Information:
This is the tileset I've been putting together for the last several months to use with my upcoming quest "The Adventures of Robinhood". Many of the tiles are from the Minish Cap.

The set started with Gashin's suntower set but due to palette restraints most of his tiles were removed, and only csets 7,8 and 10 remain unaltered, his Link tiles, sprites, and boomerang are still in there, as well as some enemies, so should you use these for other purposes please remember to give him credit.

Us [View Full Description]
CGBZ Tileset Update!! by Taco Chopper
Updated: 29 Jan 2007 Posted: 29 Jan 2007 ZC Version: ZC 2.10 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.33/5 (14 ratings) Information:
You know you wanted this. It's incomplete, but it has more features than its predecessor.
So far. I have also made some animations (Bush, Tall Grass, Shallow Water) and you could probably make a reasonable quest with this tileset. Also made some weird boss doors.
Deviled Tileset (INCOMPLETE) by NineLives
Updated: 05 Sep 2005 Posted: 05 Sep 2005 ZC Version: ZC 2.10 Rating[?]: Rating: 1.9/5 (19 ratings) Information:
Yes, an incomplete version of my new tileset.... it's small and doesn't have all enemies done... so does the NPCs and sutff.... I just quit working on it, I thought I would add more tiles... but Iwas lazy. ugh. It's a bad tielset alright! I know I will get a rating of a 2 or a 3... myabe 4 if I am lucky enough.
Final Fantasy 3 (NES) Tileset by Neppy
Updated: 06 Feb 2006 Posted: 06 Feb 2006 ZC Version: ZC 2.10 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.71/5 (16 ratings) Information:
This is the first released copy of my Final Fantasy Tileset. People have been wanting FF set for a while. Here it is, but it is missing enemy, and character tiles. Once I get those, I will update this submission. Please remember to give me credit for the tileset. Thanks.
Final Fantasy Adventure Tileset by Joe123
Updated: 02 Mar 2007 Posted: 02 Mar 2007 ZC Version: ZC 2.10 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.64/5 (13 ratings) Information:
This is a tileset that I've been making for the past couple of weeks. I think it should be pretty complete, I played the game along with it to make sure I didn't miss too much. It's only in 4 colours - as is the original game - so I guess that's not going to help me get a particularily high rating, but meh. I might do a colour version at some point in the near future if I get round to it. Some of the combos aren't too extensive, I haven't tried and tried to get every type covered - just what fit [View Full Description]
Final Fantasy Adventure Tileset Colour by Joe123
Updated: 13 Apr 2007 Posted: 13 Apr 2007 ZC Version: ZC 2.10 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.67/5 (17 ratings) Information:
A few people seemed interested in this, so I have completely recoloured my FFA tileset . I hope it gets some usage, I've put lots of time into it ¬_¬
I've also made a few minor edits on graphics and such, to make layering easier and to include quite a few more combos - which are now quite a lot more extensive.
Secondary item sprites are also included for people who don't like my named icons (this was included in the last one, just though I'd point it out cause someone said they didn't like t [View Full Description]
HappySet v1.03 by HappyPuppet
Updated: 19 Jan 2005 Posted: 19 Jan 2005 ZC Version: ZC 2.10 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.24/5 (20 ratings) Information:
Read the readme in the zip file; I have too much to say. The updates I've made are also in the readme, under version history.

Shots 1-4 are from 1.0 and are therefore not completely representative of the set. Shots 5-6 show the modifications from 1.01. Versions after 1.01 featured very small updates (thus far); there are no new shots for them.
Hero of the Past Tileset (Incomplete) by Koh
Updated: 06 Feb 2007 Posted: 06 Feb 2007 ZC Version: ZC 2.10 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.36/5 (10 ratings) Information:
I did not make this alone and most of these tiles aren't mine. I have a lot of custom tiles in there, but most of them are a default from Ccc's PoV Tileset. It also contains a few reclored tiles from the Sun Tower Tileset. Its pretty much a Recoloration of GB. Theres some Lttp in it but not alot.

New Link --> Me
Shaded NPC's --> Ccc and me
New Items --> Me
New Dungeon Misc --> Me

More, but you should go see for yourself.
Incomplete Metroid Tileset by Jake Nagare
Updated: 05 Dec 2005 Posted: 23 Mar 2005 ZC Version: ZC 2.10 Rating[?]: Rating: 3.58/5 (11 ratings) Information:
This is part of a project I'm working on. My Metroid Tileset has some MIDI's I have already put in the quest. I'll hopefully update this occasionally.

Update: I know I haven't updated this in a while I'll try to update more frequently though. Anyway, I added Norfair to the set! I hope to put Kraid's Area up for grabs soon.
Incomplete Minish Cap Tileset by link3505
Updated: 18 Mar 2005 Posted: 18 Mar 2005 ZC Version: ZC 2.10 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.41/5 (38 ratings) Information:
This is the tileset for Minish Cap that I was working on, but can't finish due to ZQuest's extreme palette limitations. For anyone who wants to continue work on this, I give you this message: may God have mercy on your soul.
Incomplete Super Classic Set by Beefster
Updated: 14 Jan 2009 Posted: 14 Jan 2009 ZC Version: ZC 2.10 Rating[?]: Rating: 3.33/5 (2 ratings) Information:
The Classic set with improved coloring and outlines- almost as if it was ported to the SNES
So far, it only includes sprites, but it will include most of the normal tileset later.
I made it originally for my one screen quest, and I got carried away.
Kid Icarus Tile Set by SpacemanDan
Updated: 01 Oct 2008 Posted: 01 Oct 2008 ZC Version: ZC 2.10 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.64/5 (10 ratings) Information:
This is a tileset I started to rip about last year. Not too long ago, I finished it up, and am now posting it up for your enjoyment!

It includes all the tiles from the NES game 'Kid Icarus' and the palettes. The tileset is globally compatible, meaning, the tiles in the set work with any palette in the set. (Excluding the title screen.)

This contains a 2.10 version of the set, which can be used to grab whatever you wanted out of it, or use it to make a quest, with some modifications. The [View Full Description]
LMTileset (incomplete) by ElLibertador
Updated: 23 Jan 2006 Posted: 12 Feb 2005 ZC Version: ZC 2.10 Rating[?]: Rating: 3.36/5 (13 ratings) Information:
This tileset is not completely done yet, but you can still use it.

My fifth update to this set. The only things that I need to finish are the enemies.
-I made my very own version of Link.
-I added a lot of items and different versions of them.
-I put some enemies in.
-I added some tiles.
Mac & Blue Tileset by CastChaos
Updated: 12 Oct 2008 Posted: 12 Oct 2008 ZC Version: ZC 2.10 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.1/5 (9 ratings) Information:
Mac & Blue is a Japanese freeware game, its chipset is the base of this tileset. The ReadMe file included with the main file is an important read and clears up many things.

The tileset was requested and the first images were handed by DarkFlameWolf, later I got more images and some links from Blaman. These still weren't enough for a full tileset, so duplicating, custom making and ripping from other sources was in work. Additionally, some tiles, palettes, etc. were conserved from the starting [View Full Description]
Mario Tileset by Eric X
Updated: 12 Feb 2006 Posted: 12 Feb 2006 ZC Version: ZC 2.10 Rating[?]: Rating: 4/5 (13 ratings) Information:
I saw there was no Mario tileset and I decided we need one so here you go BUT I didn't make this but I added some new tiles but just a FEW but hope you enjoy it

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