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Dance of Remembrance: Hybrid Tileset

Creator: Demonlink Updated: 22 Jan 2016 ZC Version: 2.50 Downloads: 1920
Rating[?]: Rating: 4.79/5 (18 ratings)
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Update January 22nd, 2016: Check out the changelog included with the set to see what's new.

Note: Please make a backup of your quest before updating to the latest version.

The Dance of Remembrance - Hybrid is based on Radien's original DoR 2.0 update set, but has been worked on in order to be properly compatible with Zelda Classic 2.50.x. Some of the new features include:
  • New palettes
  • Preloaded scripts
  • Combo aliases
  • New tiles
  • New Dungeon sets
  • Custom sprites
  • And more!
As a bonus, an Extras Folder is included with many tiles not already part of the set itself. Feel free to check them out as well. If you need any help using it, or just want to share some thoughts, give me a shout at the Official Discussion Forum Page.

Lastly, as of the final update on July 26th, 2015, Linkus' Triple Triple Dungeon Set has been removed from DoR Hybrid. You can still support his work by downloading it from here.
  • Radien (Original DoR 2.0 Tileset)
  • Cukeman (MC Tileset Tiles and Items)
  • Shiek, Nick, Link the Master, Jared, Joe123, Evile and Shane (Palettes)
  • FireSeraphim (Ganon Tiles)
  • Linkus (Various Tiles)
  • Relic (Various Tiles)
  • Evile (Various Tiles)
  • Robin (Various Tiles and Misc)
  • Shane (Mods of Moo2wo's MC water)
  • Moo2wo (MC Water and misc Tiles and item sprites).
  • Supindahood (DoR Update Pack and misc. Tiles)
  • Dragon de Platino: New DoR Hybrid Link
  • Master Maniac: Various tiles
  • Bourkification: MC guys
  • Jared: Palettes and misc.
  • Jupiter: Alternate Big Palm Tree Leaves
  • ShadowTiger and Avataro: Advise
  • Twilight_Knight: Sky Mountain tiles from NTAEL.
  • Coolgamer 012345 (A few tiles and bugtesting)
  • Sparkster (Custom Tiles)
  • Koh (Moldorm Diagonal Heads)
  • Mero (Suggestions made)
  • Anthus (for his MC Mountains rip).
Myself: For taking time into compiling such a huge tileset and porting it to Zelda Classic 2.50 as well as miscellaneous minor works.

Note: If I have tiles from an unmentioned author who deserves credit, feel free to give me a shout in the comments or through PM :)