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Comprehensive Game Boy Zelda Tileset

Creator: Glenn the Great Updated: 22 Mar 2017 ZC Version: 1.92 B163 Downloads: 1948
Rating[?]: Rating: 4.11/5 (18 ratings)
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Comprehensive Game Boy Zelda Tileset Version 1 Readme by Glenn the Great

The CGBZ Tileset is a collection of tiles and palettes from the three Game Boy Color Zelda games. Some combos are included to start you off, but many of the tiles don't have combos associated with them. This is to cater to the custom needs of the individual quest builder. This tileset is not final, as there are a few tiles I've missed or decided not to include. Also you will find sprites from the three games; thanks for that goes to Warlock. The following is some info that will help you find what you need.

The Level Palettes are set up so that CSets 2 and 3 are primarily used. As you will notice in the Combos I've included, Combos that need CSet 3 are masked and have the offset on 1. This is so that you don't need to keep switching between CSets while making a screen. CSet 5 is used for a few of the water tiles to keep their colors constant in different environments.

Page 0: Sprites
Page 1: Ganon Sprites and Oracle of Seasons Tiles
Page 2: Oracles Tiles, Menu Tiles, and Sprites
Page 3: Link's Awakening Tiles
Page 4: Oracle of Ages Present Tiles
Page 5: Oracle of Ages Past Tiles
Page 6: Oracle of Seasons Subrosia Tiles
Page 7: Oracles Tiles and more Sprites
Page 8: Link's Awakening House Interior and Cave Tiles
Page 9: Oracles House Interior Tiles and LA Passageway Tiles
Page 10: Link's Awakening Dungeon Tiles
Page 11: Maku Tree Tiles
Page 12: Oracle of Seasons Dungeon Tiles
Page 13: Oracles Dungeon Tiles

All palettes are named after their respective locations. All palettes were produced by taking CSets 1 and 0 (from a screenshot and in that order) and putting them into CSets 2 and 3 in ZC.

Note : These screenshots are from the beta version so excuse the BS Zelda menu and sprites. Pay no mind to this. The colors are exactly as they are encoded in the ROM. If you think the colors are off, it is either because you are using a color enhancing filter in an emulator, or it is because of the light you are playing your Game Boy in.