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Dance of Remembrance Tileset

Creator: Radien Added: 02 Feb 2006 ZC Version: 1.92 B182 Downloads: 594
Rating[?]: Rating: 4.73/5 (59 ratings)
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About Reviews

Well, after several months of hard work and delays, it's finally here: the DoR tileset. This tileset is recommended for ZC experts, but still *partially* accessible to ZC newbies. This is the exact opposite of my New BS tileset, which is supposed to be geared towards newbies but usable for experts. Do not come complaining if you find DoR a little bit more challenging to use, since I've made two tilesets for the exact purpose of accomodating people of all skill levels.

DoR's visuals are a compilation of a wide variety of graphics: custom tiles, completely original tiles by me, completely original tiles by various other people, altered versions of older stuff you'll probably recognize, and graphics borrowed from a VERY wide variety of video games you probably *won't* recognize recognize.

However, more importantly, the DoR tileset is meant to change the way tilesets work. A lot of things will be a little different from the way you're used to. On the other hand, DoR *also* allows you to do lots of things that you may not have been able to do, before. Many of these are prebuilt into the tileset and require absolutely no extra work from the user, such as merged bow-and-arrow graphics and hookshottable trees. And some of these are tricks you'll have to learn - tricks that will largely be covered in the tutorial included in the package.

Another new aspect of this tileset is organization: ALL major combo sections are labelled (in ZQuest), indexed and described (in the combo index text tile), and many are explained (in the tutorials). Additionally, I've attempted to make this tileset's combo list among the most organized you will see. (the tile list is still mildly scattered - something I may address in future versions)

DoR is not intended to be an "ultimate" tileset. It does NOT include every major ZC tile ever released. This is in fact on purpose. Quality has been valued over quantity in this particular set... although don't get me wrong, the variety of combos available is HUGE, still. The style of the tileset ends up being somewhere similar to that of Ocarina of Time. DoR is uses lots of softer colors, but I've made a point of making sure it is not overly "bright" - the colors are fairly natural, and should be pleasing to the eye.

Overall, I hope you enjoy this set. Please do it the justice of checking out how the tileset is structured rather than just ripping tiles from the editor. Practically everything in this tileset comforms to a new, different standard -- combos, door combo sets, dungeon templates, combo cycling, sprites, palettes, and CSets -- and I hope you will get good use out of all of it.
The list of people who comitted to DoR is almost as large as New BS. The only reason it is smaller is because a few individuals contributed a LOT by themselves. This list is incomplete, but I intend to make it as accurate as possible as time goes by. If you have contributed something that made it into this tileset -- particularly graphics -- please PM me so I can add you properly to the list.

In the meantime, I've made it a goal to describe each person's general involvement rather than create an daunting list of individual tile creations.

** Major contributors of content from other tilesets that was included in this tileset: **

Gashin - Sun Tower and various
PrinceMSC - Pure and various
WildBill - Pure
Mr. Z - Pure
plith - Descendant
Marcus - LTTP
Sludge - Pure LTTP tiles
Phantom Menace - BS
Valerie/VEL - BS
Teilyr - Pure and various
Zoraman - SD3

** Major contributors of original graphics that were either submitted as loose tiles or created specifically for this tileset: **

BH4 - Deluge Temple and various
Dart Zaidyer - "Minish Cap Link Advance" Link tiles, and various

NoeL - Forest Adobe dungeon set and various sprites
Phosphorescent Image - shared all sorts of tiles
IaN - lots of loose tile submissions

(Note: the above two sections contain some overlap)

** Various other creators of individual loose tiles used in this set: **

redfusion - LTTP-style OoT mirror shield
Hermitdude - redwood tree entrance
BigJoe - Remade classic dungeon entrance
TakaM - treehouse ladder
Ccc - various inspirations
Zeldalord - custom text boxes