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Classic XD

Creator: Avaro Added: 05 Nov 2017 ZC Version: 2.50 Downloads: 506
Rating[?]: Rating: 4.75/5 (7 ratings)
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The palettes with colours in their name are dungeon palettes.

Make a good classic quest but keep it simple. That's the idea of this tileset. The main feature are a whole bunch of new, flexible palettes. Besides that, there are some new tiles here and there, and some fixes to the original tileset. The tileset used as a base was the default 2.5 tileset, so you should feel yourself at home when using this.

If you are great at making palettes yourself, then this tileset won't offer you much. xD Otherwise, enjoy!

Feature list:

- Lots of new palettes
- In the overworld palettes the trees look best in CSet 2 while mountains do in CSet 3. CSet 4 is an alternate mountain colour most of the time. But of course you can use the colours in whatever way you like!
- Water on overworlds will look good in CSets 2-4
- New ground combos and tiles
- Weather combos
- New dungeon chests, torches and stuff
- Fixed the passageway solidity issue
- Fixed the life gauge and magic gauge on the passive subscreen (made it go from left to right on the 2nd rows and removed the numbers for inbetween values)
- No tiles or anything has been removed. (if you want to use one of the removed subscreens you can edit new and you'll find them there)
- The simplicity of the 2.5 classic tileset and a consistent classic aesthetic
Makers of the 2.5 classic tileset
Pot tiles by Moosh
Torch tile by Sheik
Path tiles and signpost by Yoshi