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Dance of Remembrance Tileset Update v1.9 and 2.0

Creator: Radien Added: 12 Mar 2008 ZC Version: 1.92 B182 Downloads: 1733
Rating[?]: Rating: 4.91/5 (43 ratings)
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Here it is: two years later, the DoR tileset finally gets an update and with it a fresh new look.

For those of you who don't know much about it, DoR is a compilation tileset that is based on the custom tileset used for my quest, Dance of Remembrance. Though it is a compilation tileset, most of the tiles have been adapted or improved in some way, specifically for use in this tileset and its palettes. The palettes and CSets are designed with compatibility in mind, and there are a lot of them. Not just the tiles, but many of the palettes were created by other contributors specifically for the tileset.

I have specifically focused on making the DoR tileset useful as a quest template, rather than just a convenient way to bundle loose tiles. Don't gloss over the wide array of tools available in the QST file itself.

The DoR Tileset is suitable for advanced ZQuest design, but it is also designed to help questmakers understand how to become advanced designers. A number of tutorials are available for your use to help you understand every nook and cranny of this tileset. Feel free to post in those topics to either get questions answered or to contribute to public knowledge.

========== UPDATE FEATURES ==========

For those of you who are familiar with the DoR tileset, the next few paragraphs will tell you what the tileset update offers for existing users.

First of all, this package contains two files:

- Version 1.9, the "Upgrade" QST file.
- Version 2.0, the "New Quest" QST file.

As the names suggest, version 1.9 is for upgrading quests that used the original DoR tileset (version 0.9). The version 2.0 "New Quest" file is for people starting from scratch. Detailed upgrade instructions are included in the tileset package. To see everything DoR has to offer, please check out both files.

Here is a quick overview of some newly-added graphics and features:

- SD3 grass
- New SD3 sand landscape tiles
- Three new types of DoR-perspective Oracle trees
- Three new templates for large-scale trees, including pine and palm trees
- LTTP tile improvements and custom replacements
- SD3-style grassy-topped DoR mountains
- New version of Simple LTTP mountains (with SD3 grass)
- Extensive snowy landscape tiles by Linkus
- Gerudo Hideout tiles
- Custom-edited Minish Cap house exteriors
- Four new dungeon sets, including Minish Cap House interiors and Cave interiors
- IaN's main character portraits
- More!


This is, as the name implies, an "update." The reason this tileset is being released in version 1.92, which many people consider outdated at this point, is because it was developed with users of the original tileset in mind, and I don't want to force any version 1.92 users to upgrade their version of ZQuest just so they can update the tileset they are using.

HOWEVER... though this QST file is designed for version 1.92, that doesn't mean I have glossed over version 2.5 features. Graphics for many of the features people have come to enjoy in ZQuest 2.5 are available in the tileset. In many cases -- particularly the item sprites -- all you need to do is assign them. Some 2.5 features included are:

- expanded Link tile animations
- a number of version 2.5 items
- ready-to-use enemy table including all new enemies as of v2.5 build 679
- Life gauge pieces for subscreens
- More!

....By the way, in case you're wondering, the reason screen 00 on map 2 reads "Merry Christmas! ~Radien, December '07" is because the tileset had a prerelease right before Christmas last year. This is also why the files are named "1.9b" and "2.0b" -- to differentiate the database 1.9 and 2.0 from the prerelease 1.9 and 2.0.
DoR owes quite a bit to its contributors. A large number of people put effort into making the graphics that appear in this set -- either by editing graphics or drawing them from scratch -- and I want them to be remembered for the work they've done.

If you have contributed something that made it into this tileset -- particularly graphics -- and don't appear in these credits, please PM me so I can add you properly to the list. In the meantime, I've made it a goal to describe each person's general involvement rather than create an daunting list of individual tile creations. If you would like tile-by-tile details about a certain contributor, please PM me for more info.

** Major contributors of content from other tilesets that was included in this tileset: **

Relic (a.k.a. Gashin and *b*) - Sun Tower tileset and various
PrinceMSC - Pure tileset and various
WildBill - Pure tileset
Mr. Z - Pure tileset
plith - Descendant tileset
Marcus and Dart Zaidyer - LTTP tileset
Sludge - Pure LTTP tiles
Phantom Menace - BS tileset
Valerie/VEL - BS tileset
Xavier (a.k.a. Teilyr) - Pure tileset and various
Freedom - Adventure tileset
Zoraman - SD3 tileset


** Major contributors of original graphics that were either submitted as loose tiles or created specifically for this tileset: **

BH4 - Deluge Temple and various
Dart Zaidyer - "Minish Cap Link Advance" Link tiles, and various
NoeL - Forest Adobe dungeon set and various sprites
Phosphorescent Image - shared all sorts of tiles
IaN - lots of loose tile submissions, including character portraits
Joe123 - Oracle tree edits, DoR/SD3 sand edits, and various other tiles
Linkus - Snowy overworld tiles, LTTP improvements, Link tile edits, and many, many other custom tiles
Xavier (a.k.a. Teilyr) - original contributor of hatless DoR Link and other Link tile edits
Relic (a.k.a. Gashin and *b*) - originally-drawn standalone dungeon set

(Note: the above two sections contain some overlap)


** Palettes contributed by PureZC members: **

- Linkus -
Hint of Ruin
...and numerous "MC House Interior" alternative palettes.

- /M/ -
Deep Winter
Dark World
Dark World 2
Dark Waste


** Various other creators of individual loose tiles used in this set: **

redfusion - LTTP-style OoT mirror shield
Hermitdude - redwood tree entrance
BigJoe - Remade classic dungeon entrance
TakaM - treehouse ladder
Ccc - various inspirations
Zeldalord - custom text boxes
Anthus - Edits of DoR HCPs
CastChaos - Animated OoT Spiritual Stones
Faceless - Various ripped and edited Minish Cap styled item sprites
Joe Dirt - Some tree edits and rips
Master of Power - Hi-res tile improvements and OoT-style magic item sprites
Migokalle - expanded menu frames
Moonwhisper - Link tile contributions
Nick - Some Minish Cap rips
Revfan9 - FSA palm tree rip
Sharon Daniel - Link tile contributions and large deciduous trees
Tatsudoshi - base for WW-style bottles
Trevor Carcas - original rupee alternative sprites

Lastly, a wide range of different commercial video game designers, including but not limited to Nintendo, Capcom, and Square Enix.