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Adventure Tileset

Creator: Freedom Added: 12 Feb 2006 ZC Version: 2.10 Downloads: 1854
Rating[?]: Rating: 4.47/5 (35 ratings)
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About Reviews

This is the tileset I've been putting together for the last several months to use with my upcoming quest "The Adventures of Robinhood". Many of the tiles are from the Minish Cap.

The set started with Gashin's suntower set but due to palette restraints most of his tiles were removed, and only csets 7,8 and 10 remain unaltered, his Link tiles, sprites, and boomerang are still in there, as well as some enemies, so should you use these for other purposes please remember to give him credit.

Users of this set need a firm understanding of layering and palette construction, so I don't recommend using this set for a first quest.

A text file is included in the zip with more info on the set.

As always, you're free to use my tiles as you please.