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Ballad of a Bloodline Deluxe

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Creator: Twilight Knight , CastChaos Genre: Story-driven Updated: 01 Apr 2019 ZC Version: 2.50.2 Downloads: 480 Rating[?]: Rating: 3.6/5 (4 ratings) Download Quest
(9.15 MB)

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You can find the original quest description here: https://www.purezc.n...e=quests&id=229

The quest is a story about a young couple from Hyrule who are on the hunt for adventure. And adventure they get, certainly much more than they wished for.

Original Content:
  • Altogether about 8 full overworld maps
  • 12 mandatory big dungeons
  • 8 optional subdungeons
  • 1 mandatory minidungeon
  • 3 secret dungeons
  • 1 small and 2 big sidequests
  • 13 custom bosses not counting the final boss
  • 3 main endings and some secret ones
  • All 2.10 items used
  • Big plot twists
  • Many custom enemy and item tiles
  • Cameos from games and of PureZC members
Deluxe Content:
  • New secret dungeon
  • New minidungeon, in which you play as Myra
  • 3 new, but small, overworlds
  • 2.5 FFC bosses (almost no scripts)
  • 2.5 strings
  • Some utility scripts added, for a smoother experience
  • Improved palettes
  • Improved design
  • Improved graphics
  • Fixed, as commonly regarded, misusage of tiles
  • More hints on major directions
  • More people to talk with
  • Hard to find secrets improved (especially the mandatory ones)
It is now exactly 10 years ago that the original quest was released. Now it didn't take 10 years of effort to make this deluxe version, it's primarily due to my lack of motivation and besides working on other quests as a main project. I'm sorry it took so long.

I kinda grew up with this quest. Back when it was released I was only 15 years old and a dramatic teenager. Now I philosophize about it, the quest matured as I did. A lot smaller and bigger things have changed about it, but in it's core it's still the same thing. Sentimental stuff.

I hope you will enjoy it in memory of the original quest.
There was a perfect period of complete peace in Hyrule, ended by a horrible war that never wanted to cease. Then came the Hero with the Sword and banished the darkness back to another world. Ever since, adventuring is forbidden to avoid such conflicts.

However, approximately 16 years ago, strange things started to happen including an otherwordly storm, a riot at the castle, hiring of Darknuts, yellow triangles flying through the air and isolation of the royal family...

Today there are two youngsters whose desire to escape the tyrannical oppression in Hyrule and its adventure forbidding rule. Their names are Knil & Myra.

This their story...

This is their ballad...
Tips & Cheats
You need to scavenge hunt for some items before being able to get even near the first dungeon.

Pay attention to the conversation that takes place while getting the wooden boomerang, it sums up where the first 3 dungeons are.

At Mt.Death, you'd better see the Gorons (south) before going to the second dungeon.

If you get lost in Lost Woods, pay attention for an oddly coloured bush.

Later dungeons, that are accessed only once, don't have heart container pieces or comeback heart container pieces and their subdungeons are outside of them.

Listen well to the Happy Mask Salesman whenever you find him.

I intentionally left in a glitch which allows you to play as Myra for the rest of the game. It might get buggy though...

There is even a super secret which allows you to travel back and forth in time. (no it's not the hookshot glitch near Beamos Barracks, that was fixed ;-) )
Sorry if some of the names are by now incorrect. Please send me a PM if so, I'll fix it.

Radien (DoR/2.0), Wild Bill (Pure), Mr.Z (PTUX), Orion (ALttP set), Xavier (CoD), NoeL (TNA, Prophecies), Migokalle (Old Lufia set), Peteo (MMDWR set)

Title screen:
Anthus (background), Sludge (Triforce)

Loose tiles:
Sharon Daniel, NoeL, Radien, king-n, xXVolvagiaXx, Shadow Tiger, Revfan9, Prince MSC, Jonathan, The Shyguy Kingdom, Akkabus, Echo, Taco Chopper, Pheonix, Ricky of Kokiri, Master Maniac, blaman, beefster

Nuvo, VGmusic

Joe123 for the NPC script

Other works:
HttD tileset

Those who beta tested BB:
rocksfan13, Nuvo, Schwa, Sephiroth, Nine Lives, Zeldd, Ricky of Kokiri, jerome, Lord Ike

Those who beta tested BBDX:
Stray Sheep, judasrising, vaualbus, Zolias, CastChaos

Special Thanks:
Nuvo: music, story ideas
rocksfan13: taught one timed events

Must give credit to:
Origin Systems and Richard Garriot; Capcom and Keiji Inafune; Squaresoft; and if we are already at companies: NINTENDO

And YOU for playing.