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"Go Gollab: The Conflictions of Morality"

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Creator: Ambient Silence , Shane , Eddy , Avaro , Jenny , Moosh , Joelmacool , coolgamer012345 , Deedee , Matthew Genre: Other Added: 30 Aug 2020 Updated: 31 Jul 2023 ZC Version: 2.53 Downloads: 1219 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.84/5 (18 ratings) Download Quest
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The all new definitive Go Gollab: The Conflictions of Morality experience is finally here! We have implemented a lot of minor bug fixes and changes that would take a while to list, but they offer a much better and complete experience, worthy of a second playthrough.


Nine creative worlds, each offering charm and personality - they may even offer a mini dungeon!
Dungeons with unique mechanics and foes for you to overcome.
Choose between nine characters, each of which have a unique ability.
New items, along with creative usage of classical items.
A minimalist surreal humoured story that's bound to give you a chuckle or two.

UPDATE 8/31/2020:
- Fixed Matthew's..... problem.
- Fixed a major bug where there were invisible tophat blocks on this screen: https://imgur.com/a/qnXqFdX
- Added a potion shop to Chaos Platform
- Fixed a warp bug in Barrier Reef

UPDATE 9/1/2020:
- Final boss HP lowered
- You can now properly F6 out of the Wisp fight

UPDATE 5/18/2023:
- Spacebar map is now available for all dungeons

UPDATE 7/31/2023:
- Fixed a continue bug in Chaos Platform
Zelda Classic was rewritten. The program has become the best game maker of all time. But it had a terrible oversight, which triggered a side effect that no one could have predicted. The power of Gollab, which was abused to create a new world, one born from the chaos of creativity. Now, as punishment by the power of Gollab, the world became a prison for those who created it. However, one individual avoided this fate. They will set out to reverse the effects.

Who will it be?
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