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"Fun in the Sun" 8-bit Extraordinare

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Creator: Darkmatt Genre: NES-style Updated: 28 Jan 2018 ZC Version: 2.50 Downloads: 885 Rating[?]: Rating: 3.63/5 (7 ratings) Download Quest
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This quest is a quest, of course. It's a plain and simple 9 level classic tileset quest that has stood the test of time. (By which I mean I've been making this thing before build 1000, definitely. Maybe even further back. 800?) (By which I mean it's 6 years old and I'm still updating it.) It was designed to bear resemblance to the design of 1st quest; that being an open ended world and not much holding you back from doing levels out of order. (Make no mistake though, unless you really try, you aren't breaking sequence.)

This quest isn't meant for beginners or inexperienced players. It expects a level of skill from you, and as the quest goes on, it will only get harder. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Last Updated 1/27/2018. Read the readme for more info.
Stories are for chumps.

No really. There is no story.
Tips & Cheats
There's really no need for tips here. All the tips that I'd like you to know of are going to be in the quest you're playing, so just look around there.

Actually, there is one I want to make sure you know. Press F6 to end the game and continue without suffering a death. Do this a lot. This quest demands it.

Oh, and do not ask me for cheats. I'm not letting people cheat through this quest.

The tips are in the game. Also, you start with no shield and you should press F6 often.

Try not to cheat in this quest. It's not that hard.
Myself built this from the ground up. 4matsy, Cobra1, and maybe a couple others I can't remember, playtested this quest before 1.0 was released. Everyone in the first thread for this quest helped play it and squashed any lingering bugs that were still in the game.

All of the music included in this quest is hosted by vgmusic. (With the exception of one track, which is from the jukebox of the game it's from.) This is all (sort of haphazardly) sourced in the readme file, so give that a look for more details.