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Creator: tlseward Genre: Dungeon Romper Added: 19 Nov 2007 ZC Version: 2.10 Downloads: 629 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.27/5 (10 ratings) Download Quest
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Game Info: This quest is a continuation of the other ones I've been doing, it is closer to Hyrule's Big Swamp, and Hyrule's Big Flood in its graphics. I've learned a lot about layering, and it shows here.
There are some new ideas incorporated into the quest, and frankly, I'm a bit proud of the result.
We played it through, and have found no significant bugs. Visually, I think this is one of the best quests I've ever done. So if you've been a fan in the past, this will not disappoint!
Hi. Here is another quest from Tlseward! Hope you enjoy it.

Story: For you who don't like quests where Link goes to save Zelda from Ganon, sorry.
Link is going to save Zelda again! He likes the smooches at the end of the quest!
And Zelda needs to be saved for the 3.9 billionth time. (She likes the smooching part, too.)
Tips & Cheats
Hint sheet included. It includes a walkthrough to find each dungeon, as well as a guide to find each boss key. Locations of each item, IE each dungeons treasures are listed, but how to find them is not included. (one has to do some work to complete a quest.)
A big thank you to Caleb, my 7 year old who is a great testor, and knows when to sing out, "Daddy, there is an error on this screen!" Then I get to correct it. He recently caught one, where I had a hookshot over spikes.
For some reason, Link could walk in mid-air. I totally missed it, but sharp-eyed Caleb got it.
Also my daughter Hilary helps with graphics.

Open invitation. Anyone who wants to contribute Cowboy style graphic set, or Pirate style set
both for Link and for enemies, would be appreciated. It would be best if it fit into the pure tileset.