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"Fun in the Sun" II: Shadow of the First

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Creator: Darkmatt Genre: NES-style Updated: 08 Oct 2016 ZC Version: 2.50 Downloads: 1014 Rating[?]: Rating: 4/5 (6 ratings) Download Quest
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To get the music to work, make sure you put it where the quest file is at. Extract the whole thing in one place and don't move anything anywhere.

Welcome back to the brutal world of Fun in the Sun. It's been about 3 years since the first game, and over the years I have -spent those years making the ultimate classic quest- lived on not giving a single care
about making a follow-up, much less completing one. Man was it luxurious, especially the parts where I get constantly stuck making content in editors. But thankfully, I've stopped beating around the bush and here we are, one new quest full of 8-bit tilesets and 9 levels of carnage.

Like the quest beforehand, this quest is not meant for beginners or inexperienced players. Apparently due to my experience from the last quest, this is now harder than before! So YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, AGAIN.
Instead of saying there is no story, I invite you to come up with a spin on the old 1st quest story. Whatever you come up with is as good a story as any for this quest.
Tips & Cheats
Hey, buddy! You start with no shield! This is important to point out, because otherwise I know you're going to run and just get a rock in the face finding this out.
And remember! Press F6 to end the game and continue without suffering a death.

If you need more hints than what is present in the game, I feel sorry for you. When in doubt, search. Use your head. Etc. etc. In fact, there's info shops in the game. Find them and use them.

Oh and practice your swordplay! You're not gonna beat this game without fancy footwork!

Do not ask me for actual cheats. I am not going to tell you.
Your wild ride, as in, the map and quest design, is brought to you by yours truly.

Most of the graphics used are built-in to the editor. (With one exception, which was hand-ripped by me.) Spriter's Resource (Specifically NeoGeoff and Apocalypse) provided the game icons, amongst other graphics used in the game.

All music included in this quest is brought to you by ModArchive. Exact credits are given in the readme file.

MoscowModder is a script wizard and he gets special thanks for introducing me into shoving scripts into quests and getting them to work. (He also tried making the greatest map script ever but it exploded on launch. Memorials are still held to this day.) BigJoe, BlackBishop89, Zecora, and Mr.Z also helped with scripts.

Lunaria gave some good advice on colors and some of the more questionable palettes have been changed around a little bit.

TLG is where I streamed me editing this quest and they helped this quest along by giving general input on this and that. This quest would be considerably different without their aid and I love them for their help. ThatRandomGuy also helped with this and that while this quest was being made.

Thanks to the following people who helped betatest this and tweak its difficulty for the masses: Dustminion, Mr.Z, CaptainObvious.