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Stellar Seas

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Creator: Russ , Moosh Genre: Story-driven Added: 11 Jul 2022 Updated: 01 May 2023 ZC Version: 2.55 Downloads: 559 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.73/5 (10 ratings) Download Quest
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IMPORTANT: Grab the music here. Please play this quest in 2.55 Alpha 107 or newer.

For those who have played a Russ quest before, this quest is essentially a more refined version of previous works. It places a heavy emphasis on both story and exploration, allowing you to explore a large Zelda-meets-Metroidvania style world at your leisure while progressing a linear main plot. Features of this quest include:
  • Three playable characters with unique playstyles and separate HP pools
  • A Polynesia-inspired game world divided into several islands you can sail between
  • A dynamically changing time of day
  • Several sprawling dungeons with new mechanics
  • 100 collectible Hymnstones hidden through the world, which can be exchanged for upgrades
  • 11 optional sidequests, many of which have associated minidungeons
  • Several features that make use of all the new goodies 2.55 has to offer
  • A randomizer mode, accessibly by using the file name "SSRAND".
Update 3/4/23: We've added a randomizer mode with all sorts of new goodies to play with. We've also made several quality of life fixes based on user feedback and fixed a whole lot of bugs and typos. See the linked forum thread for details.

Update 5/1/23: Fixed a bug that caused you to have far less HP that intended for a particular post-game area. This bug fix doesn't apply to existing save files, but will work on new saves.
Though he dreams of adventures and heroics, Asher's life is one of peaceful mundanity. A trip to town for groceries quickly spirals into something far greater, as an old acquaintance ropes him into investigating a smuggling operation run by a dangerous egoist with megalomaniacal goals.
Tips & Cheats
Exploration is the name of the game. If you're ever feeling underequipped for a challenge, seek out Hymnstones to sell for new abilities, or complete sidequests for helpful Augments. The shops in Pala Bay and other towns also update with new items and Augments throughout the quest. If the quest is too difficult, feel free to contact Russ or Moosh and we can probably send you a cheat code to make the experience more enjoyable.
A full list of credits can be found in the quest, but briefly, we'd like to thank Aevin for his advice and encouragement, Evan for his contributions to the quest, Deedee and Emily for their prompt fixing of many 2.55 bugs discovered during the development process, Deedee, Ether, and Mani for initial release testing and streaming, and Demonlink, Radien, and Jupiter for their compilation of many of the graphics we used for the quest.