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Balance of Nature

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Creator: ywkls Genre: Dungeon Romper Updated: 31 May 2021 ZC Version: 2.50 Downloads: 1969 Rating[?]: Rating: 3.65/5 (16 ratings) Download Quest
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This quest includes vast areas locked in a certain season as well as a number of scripted enemies and puzzles. Includes a trading game and a collectible system with multiple points in the game where you can collect rewards.

Based on the world of Holodrum from Oracle of Seasons, but without season switching. Only a single overworld, but a lot of dungeons. Every season is represented, with multiple dungeons in each region. Numerous items to collect, as well as 12 Heart Pieces. Many dungeons have two intertwining floors, with the final two dungeons being 4 floors long and requiring a great deal of backtracking to progress

Warning! This quest now uses ZC Version 2.53 or newer. Failure to use this version could cause game-breaking bugs.
All future updated will use version 4.0
Version 1.0 Changes

Version 2.0 Changes

Version 3.0 Changes

Version 4.0 Changes
Long ago, the land of Holodrum was saved by a Hero from Hyrule. Now, a new Hero must appear and use the items he finds in the land to restore balance to the seasons in Holodrum. The Oracle of Seasons is no more and the General of Darkness has been revived.

Across the depths of space, a voice calls out and creates a portal that draws you to their realm. It is up to you to rid the land of the evil tyranny of Onox.
Tips & Cheats
Talk with all NPCs, read all signs. Many NPCs may have something different to say if you speak with them twice. All keys on the world map can only be used there. Every dungeon is designed where you can't use up your keys before you get to the end.

Many puzzles use the same logic. There are only three pieces of the Triforce, hidden in the 11th, 14th and 17th dungeons.

Be warned that if you fail to read signs or talk to NPCs you could seem to get stuck since the location of some items and dungeons is not easy to find on your own.
Quest, Storyline designed by- Me
Scripts by- Mero, Saffith, Moosh, Lejes, justin, MoscowModder, Avataro, LinktheMaster, Orithan, Alucard648
Zelda Classic Tiles- MoscowModder, Akkabus, Lightwulf, Raiden, Marcus, supertails2001, Taco Chopper, System Error, Teilyr
Other Tiles- Lord Zymeth, Spriter's Resource
Music- Pure ZC Artists (A lot, I don't remember them all)
Testers- GhostKnight22, vaualbas
Extra Sound Effects- Legend of Zelda SFX
Special Thanks-
SCKnuckles- For doing an LP of this quest and inspiring me to issue this remake.
Eppy- For streaming the revised quest and finding more bugs for me to fix.
Dimentio- For being a good source of ideas for things to script and prompting me to do this by suggesting improvements to the sequel.
The creators of Zelda Classic, all scripters, Nintendo.