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100 Rooms of Wisdom

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Creator: Alucard648 Genre: Other Updated: 17 Jul 2021 ZC Version: 2.53 Downloads: 129 Rating[?]: Rating: 4/5 (3 ratings) Download Quest
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Link must solve 100 puzzles, normal and scripted, to get the missing Triforce of Wisdom.

Play in ZC 2.53 to avoid incompatibilities.

Update 20.06.2021:
- Added more hints in rooms 80 & 82.
- Fixed potential cheese in room 86
- Fixed wrong subscreen in rooms 1 - 8
- and some more...
Update 21.06.2021
- Fixed 2.55 incompatibility regarding secret combos under slashable combos.
- Fixed secret permanency in room 55
Update 25.06.2021
- Added hints and Lens of Truth
-- Link starts with 0 MP, and Lens magic consumption is doubled.
-- Magic refills are very scarce, about 1 every 20 puzzles
- Replaced puzzles in rooms 35 and 83
- Fixed wronf push flag in room 28
- Fixed cheese potential in room 4
- Improved early "hidden trigger" puzzles
- and some more...
Update 29.06.2021
- revamped math puzzles in rooms 15, 42 and 92
- game now auto-saves after F6
- and some more...
Update 05.07.2021
- Hopefully fixed issue with scripts in room 22, as well as some more bugs specific to ZC 2.53.1 betas
Update 17.07.2021
- Fixed weight of stones in 16
An unnatural forest fire has occured in remote area of Hyrule. And Triforce of Wisdom is gone missing...
Tips & Cheats
Carefully read hint slabs and signposts and think outside the box.
Think twice before using Lens of Truth. Magic is very scarce and non-renewable resource.
Music: VGMusic.com.
Graphics: FireSeraphim, Moosh and others.
Scripts: Moosh, ywikles, Colossal and other.