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"Instrumentality" Link by Moosh
Updated: 05 Jul 2018 Posted: 05 Jul 2018 Tags: 16-color, Character, and 4 more Rating[?]: Rating: 4/5 (2 ratings) Information:
The Link tiles from the Instrumentality tileset, originally made by Koh.
"The New Age" NPC'c by NoeL
Updated: 12 May 2004 Posted: 12 May 2004 Tags: Sprite, 16-color, and 3 more Rating[?]: Rating: 4.5/5 (9 ratings) Information:
Here are a few NPC's... well actually they do participate so I'll just call them character tiles. Anywho they're in "The New Age"
"Zelda: Prophecies" Link Tiles by NoeL
Updated: 18 Oct 2004 Posted: 18 Oct 2004 Tags: 16-color, Character, and 3 more Rating[?]: Rating: 4.29/5 (6 ratings) Information:
I'm making a small quest to take some time off of "The New Age," as usual I'm custom drawing my own tiles. So, over the next few days/weeks I'll be releasing bits and pieces of the tile work. This contains the Link and Zelda sprites, plus 3 swords in all their glory, 2 shields, and a shovel (yes, it is a fully functional shovel). Hope you like em.
"Zelda: Prophecies" NEW Link by NoeL
Updated: 19 Dec 2004 Posted: 04 Dec 2004 Tags: 16-color, Character, and 3 more Rating[?]: Rating: 4/5 (18 ratings) Information:
Well, I submitted some Link tiles a while back, but nobody liked them that much, but I was going to stick with them none the less. However, when I was drawing on paper trying to come up with a unique look for Link, the idea i settled on didn't look much like the sprite (he's like a fat chinned kinda Link... like a gnome or something). So, as you do, I redrew my Link tiles and this is what I came up with... Personally I think it's an improvement. :P

I was just going to submit it as an update, [View Full Description]
'King' Zora by shonox
Updated: 06 Jul 2007 Posted: 03 Jul 2007 Tags: Character, Original, and 1 more Rating[?]: Rating: 3.6/5 (4 ratings) Information:
I drew this as a custom boss for Eighth Hour. Rips right into DoR, CS 9.

Ideas on Use:

- Hook him up to a sort of life support system, as enemies are hard to hide behind him.
- Put Fire Shooters on his tentacles or mouth to give him a zora-like attack.
- Also makes a semi-good NPC

[View Full Description]
(32x32) ALttP Link Tiles (Incomplete, see details) by Anthus
Updated: 13 Jan 2016 Posted: 13 Jan 2016 Tags: ALTTP_Tileset, Character, and 1 more Rating[?]: Rating: 4/5 (4 ratings) Information:
Full, 32x32 walk, and slash/ stab/ pound tiles featuring big AlttP Link. Small shield only.
(DoR) OoT Link double-high tiles by Jared
Updated: 22 Jun 2013 Posted: 22 Jun 2013 Tags: Character, Player, and 2 more Rating[?]: Rating: 3.75/5 (3 ratings) Information:
Link tiles that are double high, in the DoR Link palette!
(NES) Megaman 2 Flash Man Stage Tiles by Ventus
Updated: 02 Nov 2011 Posted: 02 Nov 2011 Tags: Character, Misc, and 2 more Rating[?]: Rating: 2.5/5 (1 rating) Information:
Well heres some Flash man stage tiles
From Maga-Man 2
They should rip just fine into the classic Tileset
they are great For side-View areas
I'll say Be sure and have fun with them :) Kay ;)
16th Century Scottish Royal Guard by Old-Skool
Updated: 22 Apr 2008 Posted: 22 Apr 2008 Tags: Character, Collection, and 3 more Rating[?]: Rating: 3.67/5 (2 ratings) Information:
A scottish guardsman for the king of france in 1523. Has a double wide epee (Musketeer) sword and standard issue halberd item tiles, and tiles with him halberd-equipped. These aren't intended as hero tiles, perse, and don't have the usual attack. attacking and defending is a whole category in and of itself, if I sprite it into these guys, especially with the sword.

Throw some of these guys around your castles to liven the place up. includes some military drill positions. (At ease, attentio [View Full Description]
16x16 MC Acro-Bandit Decoration (+DoR[:H]) by P-Tux7
Updated: 13 Feb 2019 Posted: 13 Feb 2019 Tags: 16-color, Character, and 9 more Rating[?]: No rating Information:
The Acro-Bandit from Minish Cap is in 16x16 as a cute NPC or decoration, just like the birds, fish and peeking old man from DoR. Also includes recolors for the two DoR tilesets
16x16 OoA Eyesoar (+ Pure & Newfirst) by P-Tux7
Updated: 21 Jan 2020 Posted: 02 Jun 2019 Tags: 16-color, Character, and 9 more Rating[?]: No rating Information:
Eyesoar from Oracle of Ages in 16x16 form (Patra) with Pure and Newfirst recolors. Also contains versions with shadows
16x80 Geldarm (Classic + Pure) by P-Tux7
Updated: 11 Jul 2019 Posted: 11 Jul 2019 Tags: 16-color, Character, and 5 more Rating[?]: No rating Information:
1-combo-wide Geldarms from Zelda 2 + Pure version
<{B.S.L. Federation Reasearch Scientist Team}> by NineLives
Updated: 24 Jun 2006 Posted: 24 Jun 2006 Tags: Character, Misc, and 2 more Rating[?]: Rating: 4.6/5 (4 ratings) Information:
Whoa, long title lol.
Well, if you played Metroid fusion... or at least saw the intro, you know what these guys are/
The B.S.L. Federation Research Scientist Team, AKA: BSL Research Dudes.
Well, I gotsa two versions,
the top one represents.... the one without the headphones or communicaters, the bottom one has it.
these are 100% custom disincluding the palletes.
they fit well in Cset 7 in the Metroid Prime tileset you could find at the tilesets DB. Though, I kinda changed the blue so it c [View Full Description]
Adventure of Link Tileset (Incomplete) by Ramiro Negri
Updated: 04 May 2003 Posted: 04 May 2003 Tags: 16-color, Character, and 12 more Rating[?]: Rating: 4.2/5 (14 ratings) Information:
It's a little remixed of the original game: "Adventure of Link", it have few new tiles created by me. ;)

Lisent out! This tiles set (AoL.bmp) has 8 complete tiles of a new idea of remake theese tiles and make it whith more colours and coolest new tiles, but it still beeng a proyect, it will be finished at the end of 2004 (If I can finish it quickly, I think), the new remake tiles are in the flashing, light blue square, so you can see it all the time you want! (Remember; be online cost money.. [View Full Description]
Alternate Classic Link by GameLink7
Updated: 01 Jan 2004 Posted: 01 Jan 2004 Tags: 16-color, Character, and 3 more Rating[?]: Rating: 3.4/5 (9 ratings) Information:
One day, on my TI-83+ Claculator, I was messing around, drawing in it when I came with a black and with design of what you see here. I may make more enhanced Classic Tiles. For people who just want to use the Classic Tileset again, Here's a little something to help you out to a little better classic quest. ;)

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