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16x16 MC Acro-Bandit Decoration (+DoR[:H])

Creator: P-Tux7 Added: 13 Feb 2019 Downloads: 2
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Tags: 16-color, Character, Cutscene, Dance_of_Remembrance, Decoration, Edited, Enemy, Item, Misc, Ripped, Sprite

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When I saw these guys, I knew that they would make a great animated combo to add character to a town or overworld like in Ballad of a Bloodline. Now they are in 16x16 format, and includes not only the original palette from The Minish Cap but also recolored versions for Dance of Remembrance and Dance of Remembrance: Hybrid. Uses include as an animated item (keep it out of the player's reach, though!), solid combo, talking character, or even combo cycling to make it solid or harmful when its head is peeking at you. If you use it as a combo, you can add the middle two poses (nose twitching) multiple times to make it stay outside its hole for longer. Both DoR versions use CSet 8 from their respective tileset.
BigGoron (Ripped the original sprite)