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Modular Classic Expansion Tiles

Creator: Anthus Added: 15 Apr 2017 Downloads: 30
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Tags: Background, Collection, Edited, Greenery, Ground, Misc, Mountains, Original, Water

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(literally copied from the forum thread)

This is the Modular Classic Expansion! So I have had this idea for a while, and what this aims to do is make it easier to make elaborate screens in Classic without the need for multiple versions of the same tile to use with the varying c-sets. To achieve this, we will be using various tiles that can be layered. It might seem trivial at first, but once set up, making screens with lotsa colors is pretty easy. And to boot, there are even relational drawing mode tiles set up for Classic mountains, water borders, and custom grass/ sand borders. This is still a WIP and likely won't be finished, and I've only tested it with two palettes I've made, but I like it a lot so far, and am happy enough with it to share it. There are at the very least some new borders (custom) and most Classic objects exist without a background which might make making your own edits easier. :)

These remove the ground color, and replace it with a transparent color in each tile (except where the ground color is used in the object depicted in the tile). That transparent color is pink here, but in the NES tileset, black was the transparent background color used for outlines. That brings me to the only downside of this: If you intend to use these with the regular Classic tiles (which you probably will) you will need to know what they are, and how they are set up, cause in Classic's default palettes, they will appear mostly black, and look wrong as they are intended to be layered.