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Classic Overworld Expansion Pack

Creator: Lightwulf Added: 14 Dec 2013 Downloads: 253
Rating[?]: Rating: 4.85/5 (12 ratings)
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Tags: Overworld, Collection, Original, Edited, Structure, Water, Walls, Ground, Greenery

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These were all made by special request from blackbishop89 (now known as Palpaleos) for his upcoming Zelda's Awakening quest, an adaptation of Zelda 2 for ZC.

First of all, please note that, on all enclosed tile page exports, the first 2 columns of tiles were not made by me; they are all either from the original Classic tileset or imported from Zelda 2 screenshots (the latter of which was mainly for the house tiles).

Here's a rundown of what's enclosed:

- Large Tree stump
- Alternate Large Tree (both pixelated and enhanced)
- Marshland
- Sign with "text"
- Arrow Signs
- Alternate Tree (smaller version of the Alt. Large Tree)
- Dirt Road (designed for overworld CSet 3)
- Houses: 3 different wall textures; 2 different roof textures (all adapted from Zelda 2)
- Stone Pillars (vertical, horizontal, and single tile version; designed for CSet 0 (as shown))
- Bush/Tree, Zelda-2-style
- Lotus/Lilypads
- Floating Lilies (both single and double per tile)
- Bulrushes (a.k.a. cattails; large cluster and group of 3)

- Bridge tiles (designed for overworld CSet 3)
- Lava tiles (also designed for overworld CSet 3)
- Animated Lava ( " ; bubbling)
- Skeleton Bones (of an ox; designed for overworld CSet 4)

ovwld_tiles03.png (Note: This is not a full tile page export, but it's the only pic I had with my logs in it.)
- Floating Logs, both Large and Small (shown in CSet 3)
- Skeleton Bones (shown in CSet 4)
- Cactus, Succulents, and Palm Tree (shown in CSet 2)

- Cactus (with and without arms)
- Succulents, 2 varieties (i.e. desert plants that are not nearly as thick as a cactus)
- Large Palm Tree
- Empty Fountain
- Full Fountain (w/out spouting water)
- Run-Down/Ruined Houses (both lightly damaged and heavily damaged versions)
- Spouting Fountain w/ animation
- Snowy Hill (i.e. whatever you call that Classic rock-thing; I don't know it's official name)
- Snowy Armos
- Snowy Armos in Deep Snow
- Snowy Tree
- Tree Stump w/ snow around it
- Snowy Tree in Deep Snow
- Large Snowy Trees (the 2 kinds from Classic)
- Large Snowy Trees in Deep Snow
blackbishop89 (a.k.a. Palpaleos) - for requesting these (I wouldn't have thought to make them if it weren't for him!)
Creators of Zelda Classic - the entire Classic tileset, from which tiles were selected as a base to start from
Nintendo - original graphics from The Legend of Zelda and The Adventure of Link which these tiles were based off of