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Z2 falling/stacking blocks.

Creator: Alucard648 Added: 31 May 2024 Tags: FFC Downloads: 2
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Requires ghost.zh, LinkMovement.zh, SolidFFCs.zh

1. Combine dependency global script functions. Put
before main loop,
before WaitDraw command and
inside main loop of Active global script, in addition of other global script functions.
2. Import and compile the script. 2 FFC scripts and Global script to be assigned.
3. Place invisible FFC at top left corner of landslide area. Assign "Z2BlockSpawner" FFC script to it.
Data - Combo used by falling/stacked blocks.
CSet - CSet used by falling/stacked blocks.
D0 - Lanslide width, in combos/tiles.
D1 - Damage by being hit by falling block in midair, in 1/4th of heart. Crushing damage is handled separately by SolidFFCs.zh
D2 - Delay between block spawns, in frames.
D3 - Combo flag to be assigned to combo on stack.
D4 - >0 Stacked blocks fall, if left midair.