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Report Nargad's Trail: Argon's Evil Lair - Remade

Creator: Twilight Knight Status: Active Genre: Story-driven ZC Version: 2.55 Project Started: 21 Jun 2020 Project Opened: 02 Jan 2021

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A complete remake of the first Nargad's Trail game, Argon's Evil Lair. The original was made in 2009 and while it had potential, it was full of bugs and design flaws. Now with more quest-making experience than ever, far more patience and great new ZC 2.55 features the remake of Argon's Evil Lair is well underway!

A demo is coming very soon, but for now please watch the first 30 minutes of the quest in the YouTube video on this quest project page. I'm very curious about your feedback!

  • An interesting story with smooth cutscenes
  • Massive overworlds to explore
  • 8 large and unique dungeons
  • 1 huge final dungeon
  • Custom scripted bosses (ghost.zh)
  • Many interior areas, from cosy houses to scary caves
  • Reappearing NPCs to guide you through your quest
  • Heavily modified DoR tileset
  • Several sidequests
  • A quest log that tracks your objectives
  • Text in proper English
  • Custom NPC voice SFX
  • Walking SFX