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Report Destiny of the Oracles

Creator: ywkls Status: Active Genre: Story-driven ZC Version: 2.50.2 Project Opened: 10 Jul 2015

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Immediately after the events of Passage Through Time, Link travels to Labrynna. There he finds that events in the present have been altered somehow.

Before Link can intervene, a terrible darkness captures him and the disturbance caused awakens the power of the ancient goddesses who once brought Hyrule into existence.

Calling upon the service of Din, the Oracle of Seasons and Nayru; the Oracle of Ages- they are given powerful items with which they can help to free the Hero and those like him pressed into the service of evil.

Journey with Din as she struggles to survive in the Mirror Realm where Veran originated.
Guide Nayru as she attempts to unravel the secrets of a Labrynna she scarcely recognizes.

Together, they must discover ways to correct the changes in Labrynna and unite the powers of the two worlds against the forces which have arisen.
Only then, will they at last learn their true destiny...

Play as 2 separate characters in parallel worlds with different abilities!
Find the hidden secrets to help the inhabitants of the land to solve their problems!
Recover the Essences of Time and the Fragments of Darkness to pave the way towards a better tomorrow!

Only you can change the fate that awaits the Oracles and all they hold dear...