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Destiny of the Oracles


FInishing Off the Quest

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Posted 19 May 2020 - 02:25 PM

If you've been following this quest, thank you!
As of this post, everything which is intended to be part of the story and post-game has been finished.
There's still a lot of testing that needs to be done, however.
Here's what you can look forward to in this quest once it is released.

17 required dungeons, set in 2 massive 14 x 14 overworlds.
Each features either Din or Nayru; who unlock new powers as they progress.
These Oracles must work together to reach new areas and sometimes, to solve puzzles.
10 optional bosses per world, connected to 2 sidequests which require you to deliver items to specific locations.
10 optional mini-games which Din can access to relive Farore's memories.
10 optional lost Fairies Nayru can guide to their homes.
Each dungeon features unique puzzles and enemies, along with new mini-bosses and bosses.
Hosts of hidden Heart Container Pieces and Magic Containers to collect.
10 locked Blue Chests with upgrades for each character inside.
Various items you can purchase to increase your strength even more.
A convenient warp system to get around the world.
Spots to use the Harp of Ages to travel to your counterpart's world.
And a lot of convoluted story segments.

Plus, finish the optional quests and you unlock the post-game.
3 dungeons, 1 for Din, 1 for Nayru and 1 for all 3 Oracles.
Completing all of this will grant you access to the true ending.
There's also a planned bonus area where you can face any of the game's many foes,

If you have been looking forward to this quest, I encourage you to offer your services in testing it.
As soon as that has been completed to my satisfaction this quest will be released!
Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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