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Posted 01 July 2020 - 07:23 PM

heya everyone. I know i've paused this quest long time for some reasons but i want to tell you that you don't have to worry much about this quest. While i've taking a break for this quest and the i didn't work on anything on this quest since i've taking a break i've decided that i would continue this quest until it completation. However before that i'll have to experiments some new stuffs on the Newbie Boss and well let's say that the video from the script gave me some hopes for certain boss that i couldn't add due to the functions that wasn't present like it is now. Is that said i'll maybe add new boss or simply remplace the old boss to make it much better. Of course i'll maybe reworks on the first dungeon or the 3th one but i doubts that will happens unless TheRock or i say otherwise for whatever reasons. Now as for some dungeons i've planning to make i'll remove some due to limit counts of the maps and put them as a "unused dungeons" however thoses "unused dungeon" will maybe appears for the next quest i'll make or maybe if i ever works on the Cursed Treasure again (mainly because i've lost many progress and works i've made on the said quest).

Now with the boss health bar and the transformation stuffs i'll made some news attacks and maybe some news boss. For the moment the progress is still in the Dream World Overworld, and in the desert maps and his dungeon.
Oh and before i forgot i planning to make a beta test for every month depended the progression of the quest so if anyone wish to be some beta testers just ask TheRock or me however there's a limit who can be a beta tester. Not everyone will be lucky. There's also a time limit before the opening and the closed beta test of the quest.

Welp that's all i wanted to say. Don't worry i promise you that someday we'll finish this long quest.
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