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"Teleport" Beams

Creator: Anthus Added: 15 Aug 2005 Downloads: 197
Rating[?]: Rating: 4.71/5 (13 ratings)
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Tags: 16-color, Decoration, Misc, Original

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I was going through the tile database when I relized that their were no awesone beams or anything... So, I made my own, and stuff... I decided to submit these since there aren't any allready...

These beams have multiple perposes...

The can be used to teleport you in and out of caves, or to other worlds?

These require 2 seperate layers (use 5, and 6)... The layer with the beam should be tranparent, and the layer with the seperate sparklies should be opaque...

For the two seperate parts of the beam, give them 4 a-frmaes, and 0 a-speed... this will render the effect of flickering.

Set the sparkles to 6 a-frames, and 5 a-speed... the sparklies move upwards

These work with one color (white) so they can be used in any set, no exceptions... (but they were made in Pure)