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Old Man (GBC)

Creator: Ether Updated: 01 Mar 2023 Downloads: 38
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Just this once, it's been tested! I also threw in an alternate swordsman, an older version of the playersprite, and a BotW shrine monk for good measure.

March 1, 2023: Added portraits! Overhauled the swordsman sheet; his old sprites were noticeably smaller than other characters when seen side by side with them.
October 10, 2022: The swordsman now has a different up-slash frame, a dominant hand, diagonals, and a few miscellaneous animations. Probably not relevant if you're using him as a player character, but if you wanted an NPC/boss, have at it.
The main playersheet was requested by Joelmacool for his quest, Canaria. (There is least one animation in that game where I went "meh, I don't want to do this" and he made it himself, and at least one thing he didn't request that I threw in anyway after the fact. So you probably shouldn't read into this sheet too much.)