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Koten Midorin (Cave Story)

Creator: P-Tux7 Added: 05 Jul 2018 Downloads: 5
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I was going to rip some Cave Story graphics for ZC, but I thought the Midorin enemies would go great in the Koten style! Contains walking tiles for all four directions, plus blinking tiles. You can use it as a Walking enemy with a fast speed. I don't know if you can make an enemy have a custom animation when it stops, but if you can, the blinking tiles would go great for that, just like in Cave Story. Even if not, you can use the animation for a friendly NPC combo, just like a Goron or Zora.
If you want a certain thing from Cave Story in Koten style, hit me up in the comments! If I make any more Cave Story stuff for Koten, I'll update this and turn it into a pack.
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