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ALTTP S. Soleil City/Plaza Tiles (COTP/TC)

Creator: FireSeraphim Added: 25 Aug 2016 Downloads: 12
Rating[?]: Rating: 4.33/5 (2 ratings)
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Tags: ALTTP_Tileset, Collection, Edited, Ripped, Greenery, Ground, Overworld, Decoration, Structure

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Now for the goodies this spritesheet contains:
  • Rocks that can be broken (twice) by your sword in six different colours (and their assorted rubble)
  • Unique tall grass combos that are normally only found in Soleil Plaza and a rather simple looking Well
  • A Wooden Fence with connectors for all directions
  • A Flag with a four frame looping animation and a statue that I placed on a grass, even though normally the statue would have been mounted on a little island at the top of a huge water fountain
  • A cozy looking Picket Fence and a simple Sign Post
  • Flowers in four different colours with a three frame looping animation and a small bush
  • A Fortune's Teller Tent, with a simple piece of pottery and some bricks.
  • A unique Cobblestone Path with ALTTP grass borders
  • Bronze Cannons! with some Wooden Bench to rest your weary butt nearby
  • Custom made ALTTP styled Crusader of Centy Houses, for those town-maker's needs.
  • Some Dirt for farming and some wooden border thingies
  • And finally the Tree that doesn't really fit ALTTP's artstyle but was included in this sheet because it was in Crusader of Centy..
Atlus and Sega for making Crusader of Centy
Nintendo for making the Legend of Zelda series, especially for making A Link to the Past.
The members of this fine community for supporting me here.
Myself for all the work done here, 'specially spriting the house from scratch.
And PureZC for hosting all my spritework I made for this community so far.