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Grayswandir Sideview Engine

Creator: Alucard648 Updated: 26 Nov 2021 Tags: Enemy, FFC, Global, Item, Library Downloads: 14
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Named after author of early stages of engine development, this script brings sideview gameplay to at least playable level, while implementing commonly requested features, like Solid FFCs, sideview swimming, stairs, ladders and many more. Originally was a part of Link Stuck in Castlevania. Check out demo quest to discover most of the engine features. Ex1 to jump.

Update 1.11.2021 - Fixed Link not being hurt by touching damage combos from side while in midair.
Moosh - for helping with solid FFCs and organizing collab for sideview enemies.
P-Tux7 - for helping with sideview Link swimming tiles and other graphics for demo.

Update 26.11.2021 - Major uptate. Tons of new stuff. Changelog inside readme. Unless a miracle happen, this could be a final update for 2.53 branch...