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Creator: MoscowModder Updated: 28 Apr 2014 Tags: Enemy, FFC Downloads: 107
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I made this boss for my own use, but I thought someone out there might want to try it for themselves.

The AcidHandla is an upgraded, redesigned version of the venerable (and vulnerable) Manhandla boss from LoZ. This version has the potential to be MUCH nastier. At first it may seem like an ordinary Manhandla, but when you start cutting off heads, not only does it speed up but it starts dropping acid puddles, too!

As if that wasn't bad enough, before you cut off all 4 heads its defense will be greatly increased, and once all 4 are gone it survives to grow them back! Once it gets to half health, it starts spreading fog throughout the screen, causing one of 4 adverse effects: slow down, speed up, regrow a head instantly, and reverse your direction and weapon inputs. With this dizzying (yes, dizzying) arsenal of sneaky attacks, this boss is sure to keep the unprepared adventurer on his toes!