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Gasha Trees

Creator: Mani Kanina Added: 28 Jun 2020 Tags: FFC, Item Downloads: 2
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A recreation of the Gasha Trees from the Oracle titles.
Also known by the names: Gacha Trees, Loot box trees, Where the fuck is my green ring trees?!?!

Future versions might make more things configurable as well as making the animation smoother. Bug fixes pending when found.

Similar to the Oracle trees:
The script does support having a Gasha Ring items (like the Oracle games) that makes the trees grow twice as fast. It's by default not configured, but you can plug in whatever item ID you wish in the script file config section, and if Link has it then the trees will grow at twice the rate.
Sword is needed to cut down nuts. (I don't think anything else works in those games?)

The growth rate of the trees to reward tiers is probably not accurate since I could not find good data on it online.
Similarly, the items in the reward pools also don't match the oracle games super well since I could not find good numbers, and ZC don't have even close to the insane number of rings as those games did.
Supports up to 97 unique trees in a given quest (the oracle games each had 16).
The RNG for the Nut is rolled when the seed is planted, not when the nut is harvested. (RIP save scumming :^) )
Inspecting dialogue and interface is somewhat different. (If you config the script file, you can call a ZQ string when you inspect a soil, this will happen regardless of if you have seeds, the planting option follows and only plays if you have more than 0 seeds).

Tree Growth rate:
(Did you know that the Gasha trees in the oracle games grow based on enemies killed?)

0-40 kills: Sapling state.
40-60 kills: Grown tree.
60-90 kills: Low reward tier nut.
90-120 kills: Medium reward tier nut.
>120 kills: High reward tier nut.

The reward tiers by default are like this:
(If you have already gotten a piece of heart from the trees, you can't get it again, you can tweak the config values in the script file to adjust how many pieces of hearts you can get)

Low rewards:
20 rupee: ~10%
10 rupee: ~40%
Fairy: ~15%
Recovery heart: ~35%

Medium rewards:
50 rupee: ~10%
20 rupee: ~85%
Fairy: ~5%

High rewards:
Pool 1:
Charge Ring: 45%
Magic Ring (L1): 45%
100 rupee: ~10%

Pool 2:
Peril Ring: ~45%
Whisp Ring: ~45%
100 rupee: ~10%

Pool 3:
Heart Ring (L1): ~45%
Whimsical Ring: ~45%
100 rupee: ~10%

Pool 4 (With PoH):
Piece of Heart: ~25%
Magic Ring (L1): ~15%
Whisp Ring: ~30%
Whimsical Ring: ~30%

Pool 4 (Without PoH):
Magic Ring (L1): ~40%
Whisp Ring: ~30%
Whimsical Ring: ~30%

Bad behaviour:
Having multiple trees per screen should be plausible, but it's recommended that only zero to one of them are of the reward pool 4. Because otherwise you could exceed the defined piece of heart gain.
If you want multiple trees per screen, make sure the quest rule->NES Fixes->Items Disappear During Hold-up is the properly toggled, otherwise the quest will lock up when harvesting on screens with more than one nut.