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Toggle System

Creator: ywkls Added: 10 Feb 2019 Tags: FFC Downloads: 6
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Requires std,zh
If also using the Linked Secrets script, comment out the indicated lines.
Place an ffc on any screen this script should affect.
Set ffc to "Run Script at Screen Init" .

//D0- Sound made when switch is hit.
//D1- Which toggle has been hit. Each thing you want to toggle should have a different number assigned here.
// Each numbered toggle affects every other toggle with the same number in the whole quest.
//D2- Which lweapon activates this toggle. See stdconstants for a list of lweapon IDs.
// Set to zero if this isn't a switch but there are combos corresponding to D1 on this screen.
//D3- How to affect toggled combos, in terms of combo ids
// Can use both positive and negative values.
//D4- What placed flag to look for
//D5- If more than one toggle of this index is on screen, set the first one to non-zero.
// Uses values from 1 to 7. This is to prevent bugs.