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Creator: Moosh Updated: 30 Jun 2018 Tags: Global, Library Downloads: 44
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This header contains a global script and some functions that I use in my own projects for handling moving Link by non integer amounts. Features of the header include:
  • Moving Link by non integer amounts
  • Adding modifiers to Link's step speed
  • Detecting which direction takes priority when opposing directions are held
Update 2/9/18: Fixed bug with speed boosts not affecting Link while in the air. Also fixed a bug where input killing scripts broke StickX and StickY.
Update 3/20/18: Updated the CanWalk function to work better with sideview.
Update 3/24/18: More tweaks to CanWalk.
Update 6/9/18: Fixed some bugs with negative speed boosts.
Update 6/12/18: Added LinkMovement_UndoLinkMovement()
Update 6/16/18: Fixed more bugs with negative speed boost. Added compatibility for (somewhat buggy) 4-way movement.
Update 6/30/18: Fixed bug with speed boost clipping Link through push blocks.