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Remembrance of Shadows

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Creator: ywkls Genre: Story-driven Updated: Yesterday, 06:33 AM ZC Version: 2.53 Downloads: 226 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.5/5 (3 ratings) Download Quest
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Includes 9 required dungeons with unique puzzles and 2 new bosses per level!
Explore the world to find hidden rewards!
Dig up Shadow Shards to boost your attack power!
Fight invading Mario Monsters to earn tokens that regenerate your health!
Locate blue keys to unlock blue chests which contain a number of items!
Trade items with the locals!
Uncover 20 Secret Seashells to unlock a hidden dungeon!
Delve into 8 mini-dungeons to test your problem solving skills, get additional back story and other stuff!
Seek out a mysterious foe who waits to challenge all comers!
Collect a whopping 48 Pieces of Heart!
And much more!

10-13-21- Changed layout of level 1 slightly so you have to get the boss key before the mini-boss
Added reminder on how to switch songs
Fixed combo errors
Fixed errors in map script settings
10-18-21- Fixed bug with puzzles in level 9
Adjusted npc combo solidity
Adjusted rooms in Keep of the Plains
Fixed issues with unique sound script
Fixed issues with floor spinner script
Added no enemy flags to some rooms
Added compass noise to some dream sequence areas
Adjusted a room in Keep of the Plains
Fixed bugs with pots not making sound
Fixed overhead errors
Fixed midi settings in some phone booths
Fixed various combo errors in level 3
Fixed a bug with Crazy Tracy's potion shop
Fixed some under combo errors
Fixed error with cliff jump script
Fixed bug with level 9 statue puzzles
Fixed bug with level 3
One fateful day, young Marin encounters a strange apparition on the shores of her home

This shadowy double harkens the arrival of terrible monsters upon Koholint. Upon consulting the Wind Fish, Marin is tasked with gathering the Instruments of the Sirens from around the isle. Guided only by a strange Owl who speaks for the slumbering lord of the land; she must seek them out.
Tips & Cheats
List of all secrets and when they can be obtained
Tileset- SuperGB by HeroOfFire
Testers- EpsalonZX, ZackAttack, Zolias, LordKronos, chocobothief12, Eppy37, Gendof
Sprite Contributors- PTux7, Dr Henke, Ether
Script Contributors- Saffith, Moosh, Rush, MoscowModder, Colossal, justin
Script Inspiration- Mitsukara, Zaxarone, Lüt
Music- PureZC Artists, VG Music
Sound Effects- HelptheWretched
Sprites- PureZC Database, Spriter's Resource
Special Thanks- Epsalon ZX, for being a loyal tester and member of my team who readily suggests ways to improve my work
ZackAttack- For relentlessly breaking this quest in new and interesting ways
ZScript Group- For teaching me more about how this process worked than I ever knew was possible.
Nintendo- For making the Legend of Zelda series.