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Zelda NES Remastered Version 2.0: 2.55 Version

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Creator: Nightmare Genre: NES-style Updated: 10 Sep 2021 ZC Version: 2.55 Downloads: 37 Rating[?]: Download Quest
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This is another remaster of my 5th Quest Candidate. This time, some 2.55 features are added, including Moosh's number script, enemy placements, perm secrets, among other things. Some nice Quality of Life Upgrades that make playing this seem a lot nicer. Also, a slight buff to Rupee dropping enemies: They may drop 20 Rupees occasionally now!

Requires Alpha 92 or above

Update: 9/10/2021: New Version number installed to verify compatibility with 2.1 line. No restart required.
5th Quest Storyline
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Moosh - Scripting
ZoriaRPG - Contributions
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