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Yuurand: Tales of the Labyrinth

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Creator: Russ , Aevin Genre: Metroidvania Updated: Yesterday, 08:45 PM ZC Version: 2.50.2 Downloads: 385 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.8/5 (9 ratings) Download Quest
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IMPORTANT: Be sure to download the enhanced music. If you've never played Yuurei, grab the complete soundtrack here. If you already have the Yuurei soundtrack, you can grab just the new songs here. Be sure to overwrite any duplicates, as some Yuurei songs have been changed to avoid flagging Youtube's copyright system.

  • Two giant labyrinths to explore!
  • Sixty-five unique spells, with not a single vanilla ZC item in sight!
  • Nine different stories, most with complete skits on the subscreen.
  • Forty-nine different bosses to fight.
  • Over forty playable characters, more than any other ZC quest to date.
  • Each character has their own spell upgrades and unique signature weapon and passive ability.
  • Randomized spells and bosses make no two playthroughs the same!
  • Three difficulty settings, with additional optional challenges, to cater to those of all skill levels.
  • ZC's first fully-realized multiplayer mode!
Update 8/18/2018: Again, no new content with this update(sorry). But, there's been some major overhauls the game engine. The maximum FPS has been doubled, meaning those on lower end computers should no longer experience lag. This is compatible with any saves from the 7/24 update or newer. Full changelog is below:

This update fixed some bugs introduced in the 7/24 update, the details of which are below. This latest update fixed issues with bosses failing to spawn, Seine's wind bomb behavior, and a handful of other issues.

No new content in this update yet, but quite a few bugfixes and quality of life things. The next update will (assuming no new bugs emerge) be more substantial. This update will break saves, so be sure to finish any in-progress runs before updating.
Some seek escape. Some seek revenge. Some seek justice. All, however, seek something within the Labyrinth. A place where the souls of the lost roam in eternal torment. A place outside of normal time, not bound by normal rules, full of illusions built of the minds of those wandering within. A place where something wicked stirs, waiting for its chance...
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Please see the FAQ/help thread here.
A comprehensive list of people who contributed to Yuurei can be found in the in-game credits. If you deserve a spot on that list but aren't included, please contact us right away so we can give you the recognition you deserve.

Additionally, we want to give special thanks to two groups of people. Moosh and Evan were a huge help throughout this project, contributing bosses, scripts, testing, and ideas. The impact they've left can't be overstated. Further, we want to thank all the fans of Yuurei, who to a great extent inspired this project. Orithan and Dimentio especially contributed more than they're probably aware.