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Randomizer Returns

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Creator: HeroOfFire Genre: Scripted Added: 18 Oct 2016 Updated: 07 May 2019 ZC Version: 2.50 Downloads: 1243 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.57/5 (6 ratings) Download Quest
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A randomizer shuffles around parts of a game while leaving the rest intact, resulting in a new and familiar experience simultaneously. I've already made several of these, this one is a little different.

For the most part, gameplay is more inspired by the Original Zelda 1. Things like key items sold in shops (sometimes at high prices), Old Men offering an item only if you have the hearts, and a simple 9 dungeon single overworld. There are a few improvements over the old formula, like diagonal movement, sword slashing, better candles, arrow ammo, and 2 items per dungeon.

This time, you can randomize more than items. You can change the world too. Watch as shopkeepers rip you off, you need to show a new tunic to be allowed into Level 9, and find the Magic Key requires 12 hearts to pick up.

Oh, and you can end up playing dungeons from 21 different quest sets, grouped in 3 main categories: Classic, BS, and Outlands. You can even have them mix and match, with interesting results.

So, choose how you want to play, save Zelda, and then try again. Things are never the same. Well, unless you enter a seed or choose to play one of the 21 quests normally.

The 1.1 expansion is OUT! Not only are there more overworlds and dungeons, there are also more scripted items that may show up and multiple gameplay improvements.

1.11 fixes a few bugs, and also adds a difficulty feature for those who want exploring easier or closer to Zelda 1 style.

1.2 adds options to have random hints and dungeon music.

1.3 adds the ability to mark your Ex3 map with A and B and create a seed made up of 4 letter words for easier sharing.

1.4 more seed button shortcuts, game time starts at 0:00 after randomizer finishes. Plays fine in 2.53.
If you are familiar with the story of Zelda 1 then nothing new to see here.


Ganon kidnaps Zelda. Zelda scattered the Triforce of Wisdom. For some reason you need the Triforce of Wisdom to go into the lair Ganon is hiding in. Find the Silver Arrow (or some variation) to slay the King of Evil, rescue Zelda, and Save Hyrule. Or Outlands, whichever happens to show up.
Tips & Cheats
Although there are 8 hint guys hidden in the overworld that give good general tips, knowing a few things ahead of time will help.

Dungeons have 2 items each. This means many familiar levels now have an additional item hidden inside.

Only single blocks can be pushed in a dungeon room. Pay attention to rooms with seemingly random lone blocks mixed into larger structures.

If you get Spin Attack, you can poke walls in the overworld to find bombable spots easier.

Look everywhere. I mean everywhere.

The Ex Buttons are used in this quest. Especially Ex3 and Ex4 as a nice checklist features.

Likewise, the Map Button (usually Space Bar by default) gets some use in the main menus. It even counts as a "select" button of sorts.

Okay, there is a big secret in the form of additional randomizer features. You may get a clue from a random joke, but to speed things up, there is a certain point where holding UP and MAP when confirming with A will lead you there.
Nintendo for the Original 1st and 2nd quests, as well as BS Zelda and Link's Awakening.

DragonDePlato for the original Koten Tileset.

The official 4th and 5th quest competitions for inspiration for the 2 respective entries in this quest.

GameMakr24 for the Outlands Hack

Matthew Bluefox for Zelda Deluxe/Zelda Maxi

The beta testers and Fall 2016 Expo for feedback and beta testing.