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Summoning War

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Creator: Epad Genre: Miniquest Updated: 03 Dec 2015 ZC Version: 2.50 Downloads: 863 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.54/5 (23 ratings) Download Quest
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Summoning War grants the player freedom to explore and incorporate replayability to its gameplay. Every route includes something new to the table, making the difficulty varied and each playthrough different. For example, dungeon bosses are not weak to the dungeon item they are located in. Instead, the game goes 'Mega Man' style and gives each boss a weakness to a different weapon. Yes, there is a 'best' order, but I won't spoil what that is.

This quest contains:
- A 10x10 overworld, compact and large with content
- Four to five largely complex dungeons
- Challenging scripted bosses
- Post-dungeon upgrades
- Collectibles
- Day and night transitioning
- A secret ending reward

Update v1.1 (11/24/15): Whirlwind moved closer in Ice Cloud Castle that would otherwise get the player trapped before obtaining the dungeon item.

Update v1.5 (12/3/15) *Every listed bug comes with the ZIP folder:
  • Aesthetic changes have been made
  • Cerebral Sanctum's hedge maze spawns is fixed
  • Many string typos are fixed
  • Day/Night script is fixed in correlation with screen transitions and the Kaio Crystal
  • Compatibility fixes
The land of what we know as ‘The Province’ is heading into yet another war. In where many enemies roam all over the world and destroy whatever they see. All of the guards, soldiers, and warriors who defended this world are gone. This was all done by the Sorcerer Heiman, who not only destroys the world for destruction, but to search for the so-called Hero who is meant to stop the war. Heiman would not rule on his own much longer as he is also waiting for the beast that rest in his egg for centuries, dark magic that will grant Heiman darker powers. The Princess who watches over this world named Hylia can no longer cease this war. After so many years of destruction, both the Hero will now grow up to take on this world, while the beast is soon to awake. The Hero named Link has lived his early life hiding underground so his friends and family can protect him until this very moment. With the task at hand Link must gather the four pieces of the Triforce of Courage to fulfill his power and finish off Heiman.
Tips & Cheats
  • The scripted bosses can be overwhelming for those just getting into 2.5. So it's recommended you pick up a full potion.
  • You have a mini-map on the top-left of the screen, but you can also press 'Map' to view the overworld.
  • Link's bombs and fire does not damage himself. Lava doesn't do damage either.
Other than that, there are signs on the overworld giving you optional tips, while the dungeon tablets help the player solve certain puzzles.
Big thanks to Moosh with the boss scripts and bug fixes!
Special thanks to Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto for creating the Zelda franchise.
  • Advisor: Dimentio
  • Tileset: Radien, Supindahood
  • Music: NickLegends, Bagel, Solarrain4, VGMusic
  • Scripts: Dan358, Joe123, Lejes, Moosh, Fox, Freya, HuggetSukker, Mero
  • Help: MoscowModder, Avataro, Lunaria, Russ, Isilimo, CastChaos, Twilight_Knight, Skull The Kid, Nimono
  • Testers: Moosh, ZoriaRPG, Xenomicx, Dimentio