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The Third Legacy

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Creator: Lüt Genre: NES-style Updated: 09 Sep 2019 ZC Version: 2.53 Downloads: 556 Rating[?]: Rating: 3.8/5 (9 ratings) Download Quest
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The Third Legacy is primarily based around the classic NES style of gameplay, meaning that while there may be some obscure secrets and item-based obstacles, there aren't any exceedingly convoluted puzzles or other devious trickery meant to stump the player for days on end. Progressing through the quest should be relatively straight-forward, in as much as the original NES game was ever straight-forward. In this regard, I've tried to make the quest accessible to players who may be familiar with the first 2 quests but new to custom quests, as well as players who've been custom-questing for a while.

Similarly, the difficulty begins moderately easy, but gradually increases in distinct segments as the quest progresses. This doesn't only apply to challenges in battle, but to increasingly complex dungeon layouts as well. The first segment, The Green Lands, features distinctly classic NES gameplay, enemies, and items. It contains the first 3 dungeons, each of which requires an item from the previous one to access. The second segment, The Desert, adds magic and begins to introduce new ZC items to the gameplay, as well as steps up the enemy roster accordingly. It contains the 4th and 5th dungeons, each of which can be done in any order. The third segment, The Scorched and Frozen Lands, continues to introduce new ZC items, provide new weapon techniques, and unleash new enemies to battle. It contains the 6th and 7th dungeons, each of which can be done in any order. The fourth segment, The Underworld, dramatically raises the tension, and expects that you should have collected the majority of items and upgrades offered up to this point. It contains the 8th dungeon, as well as 3 Trial Caves. Finally, Ganon's Palace is an all-out death-match.

Outside of this progression, however, are 3 Treasure Vault side-dungeons, 1 for each of the first 3 segments, in which you can gain powerful items - if you're willing to fight tooth and nail for them. These are optional, but highly recommended, as the items will significantly aid you for quite a while after attaining them.


The following are a few of the most significant highlights. A full list of detailed changes can be found in the text file. Now requires ZC 2.53.0 R2 or later.

* New area: Cave of Steel.
* Enabled "More Sound Effects" for everything except push blocks and enemy fireballs.
* Added pickup strings with functionality descriptions for all major items not sold in shops.
* Removed significant amounts of unused resources.

* Wizzrobe Summoners limited again. These enemies now use a scripted system to restrict their total summons to an average of 8-12 per room, depending on summon type. As before, this is a primary reason for the v1.2 update.
* Some enemies with high HP and speed given minor reductions.
* Most Underworld enemies can be 1-hit-killed by reflected magic.
* Some magic-consuming enemies can drop magic-refilling fairies.
* Gleeok (Normal/Fire) can be damaged by Silver or Gold Arrows.
* L3 Leevers no longer hide underground in rooms where killing all enemies is required.
* L5 Darknuts never return after death.
* Bombchus use Super Bomb explosions on contact [requires ZC 2.53.0 RC2].
* All enemies that previously blocked Cane of Byrna beams now ignore them.

Interface & Interaction:
* Minimaps revised/repositioned for cross-quest consistency.
* Level-specific key color set/corrected for all subscreens on all levels.
* Added gray heart & magic container placeholders on subscreen to indicate total possible containers.
* Subscreen heart & magic container rows arranged in same direction (left to right) as original Zelda 1.
* Active subscreen arrangement tweaked for Overworld, Underworld, and general caves.
* Added Overworld continue points at transitions between The Green Lands, The Desert, and The Scorched and Frozen Lands.
* Player also continues from last used dungeon entrance.
* Many secrets and obstacles remain permanently open or removed, even in dungeons.
* Link has falling animation and sound when stepping into pits.
* Can skip dialogue with B button.

Items & Equipment:
* New item: Steel Boots (no magic cost to walk on spikes).
* Magic system reworked; Magic Boots now drain magic at half their original rate.
* Magic Ring (Light Force) no longer provides infinite magic; only a fast refill rate.
* Heart Rings & Magic Rings refill slightly faster and have consistent timing across their 3 levels.
* Lens of Truth reveals pushable dungeon blocks.
* Added "whimsy sound" for Whimsical Ring hits.
* Stone of Gravity revised to function properly in ZC 2.53.0 RC2.
* Some item prices reduced by 15 - 25 rupees.

Layout & Visuals:
* Added Maps & Compasses to the 3 Treasure Vaults, the 4 previous Caves, and Underworld Ruin.
* Compass stops blinking on item pickup/boss kill in side dungeons.
* Moved northwest Underworld shop to Overworld above Cave of the Dead entrance; reduced prices.
* Added new shop in place of northwest Underworld shop. [Item list: Whisp Ring 1, Cane of Byrna, Stone of Gravity]
* Under-dungeon passageways/item chambers can no longer be exited from sides.
* Certain water combos and other empty spaces no longer block Hookshot.
* Smoothed animations for dungeon/cave waters.
* Custom whistle-blown pond animation sequence; new colors, no ladder functionality, faster transition from full to drained.
* Added/tweaked brick dividers in freeform dungeon areas.
* All Trap positions marked with 5-rivet tile.
* Pushable rocks use solid black color; shadows don't disappear while moving.
* Consistent upper-screen solidity in rooms with guys.
* Twin flames restored in general caves with guys.
* Added permanent shortcuts through all rooms in Treasure Vault 3's hallway of obstacles.

Unfortunately, due to core changes in scripts and functionality, save files from previous versions are not compatible with this update.

v1.1 summary
Ganon is a princess-napping fiend who never seems to learn his lesson.
Tips & Cheats
See the text file for a complete list of General Info & Tips (things to be aware of and look out for while playing), Anti-Annoyance Design Preferences (irritating designs or features I tried to avoid), new and modified items, and new and modified enemies.

As of v1.1, cheats are enabled. The hints are:

1) The ___ Dungeon is directly above the Desolate Dungeon.
2) Winds can sometimes disrupt desert ___.
3) Gold and Silver are said to reside at the peak of the ___ mountain.
4) Much to RedmageAdam's ire, a ___ ring has been made available in Ganon's Palace.

All words are entered in lower case.
ZoriaRPG, Avataro, Saffith, Moosh, jsm116, Lejes, Joe123, ywkls, MoscowModder, Dan358, Grayswandir, and TheOnlyOne: Script help and requests.

VGMusic: MIDI archive. (Full credits in text file.)
PureZC Editor Help forum crew: For the quick replies to my ZQuest newbie hang-ups, and for being one of the best help forums I've ever used.
Armageddon Games: For making the most addictive game editor ever.

Nintendo: For something-or-other. Can't remember exactly what at the moment.