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Randomizer Outlands

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Creator: HeroOfFire Genre: Scripted Added: 04 Jul 2015 Updated: 07 Mar 2020 ZC Version: 2.50 Downloads: 1116 Rating[?]: Rating: 3.6/5 (4 ratings) Download Quest
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Explore the Outlands, a forgotten land from the most famous hack of the Original Zelda. Unlike the hack, this is quite playable, with easier access to key items and a better difficulty curve.

But that would be too simple. This is Randomizer, where the dungeons are many, the items are shuffled, and replayability is high. Randomize items as you please or use one of the many presets to generate a specific item placement, some which may be quite unusual.

Choose a seed to randomize with, and you can share your generated quest with others. Do you go for 100%? Or even higher?

Update 1.1: Added the checklist feature seen in Randomizer Alpha
Fixed some item function bugs.

Update 1.2: Fixed some more bugs, updated lava tiles and made them appear in dark rooms.

Update 1.21: Very small fix for future-proofing.
Outlands is being terrorized by the formidible Thunderbird. Yes, the same one from Zelda 2. Search the dungeons for the Tetrarch Fairies to break the seal into the many lairs of Thunderbird.

Just like the original hack, Zelda will help you on your journey. Can you bring peace to Outlands?
Tips & Cheats
There are four sets of dungeons in Outlands. Many levels spell out a word, use that to figure out the level number and difficulty.

The Outlands are a bit linear in design. Check all possible locations available to you to find any key items you may be missing.

You can tell the original hack had some limitations. Notice where the mazes are? Another famous overworld secret is also in the same location, even if it looks different.

150 items is only 50% item completion. How can that be? Could there be more to this quest than what has been mentioned here?
VG Music for the midi files.
GameMakr24 for making the Outlands hack.
DragonDePlatino for the Koten tileset.

All the beta testers who helped locate bugs and gave feedback for design fixes.